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Asian River

Asian River

Asia - a vast region with unique nature, history and culture of its peoples. And an important role in this was played by rivers of Asia.

Yangtze River

If it is to talk about Asian rivers, theYangtze - the first, which deserves attention. The total length of the river - 6300 km. Thus, in its origin (Tibetan Plateau) has a typical mountain river character. It calms it only in its lower reaches, slowly carrying its waters through the territory of the Great China Plain. For the largest tributaries of the Yangtze River are: Yalong River; Han; Jialing; Minjiang.

Water and most of the Yangtze and its tributaries enoughrich in fish. Where you can catch: carp; carp. Yangtze virtually never freezes. Only in the most severe winter for long fettered by ice, but only in areas where during the most quiet.

Yenisei River

Yenisei River - the largest river in the world, second inlength only such giants as Amazon; Yangtze; Nile; Misisippi. The banks of the Yenisei - a great place where you can sit with a fishing rod. At the same time the water of the river - really a place where you can catch a real trophy instance.

The upper reaches of the Yenisei River - a typical mountain river and onlyits middle reaches, it becomes more relaxed. Where you can catch: pike; bass; carp; roach; grayling; trout; Lenca. The reservoir formed by the Yenisey Krasnoyarsk (in spite of the cold water) usual carp and carp. Here you can also "hunt" for carp, bream and roach. Rich in fish and river tributary.

To get it to the river bank turns out notalways, because in some places the Yenisei - really dangerous river. That is why the main tactics of fishing - rafting boat. Well here and winter fishing. During this period of the year are good: burbot; roach; grayling; perch; bream; pike.

The Mekong River

Mekong - one of the largest rivers of Asia, with a total length of about 4,500 kilometers. Riverbed extends across four countries: Vietnam; Cambodia; Laos; China.

The waters of the river - the largest freshwater sourcefish. But especially a lot of fish places can be found on the territory of Vietnam. Fishermen living in special homes, boats or "junks". As the fish in the Mekong incredible array, the Vietnamese found it and other uses. In particular, diesel fuel is produced from the carcasses Som.

Trophy is not considered large, and rare fish. Particularly valuable trophy pike A tank is considered, which is hoping to catch every angler.


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