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Traditional cuisine in Australia

Traditional cuisine in Australia

Kitchen in Australia is characterized by the fact that there is widespread Asian dishes, so there is often served raw or almost, or products processed beyond recognition.

In Australia, you will be able to try the exotic fruits and delicacies such as blue crab, filet possum, crocodile meat, shark's mouth.

Eating in Australia

Diet Australians make up the fruit,vegetables, meat (chicken, lamb, pork, beef, lamb, kenguryatiny, crocodile meat), fish, seafood (oysters, scallops, mussels, lobsters, shrimps, crabs, octopuses), dairy products (cheese, eggs).

In Australia, it is worth trying chiko roll (eggroll with lamb stuffing, rice, barley, and vegetables), steak of kangaroo meat with mushrooms, vegemite (paste on the basis of yeast extract, onion and celery), lamington (biscuits covered with coconut and chocolate).

If you are a meat lover likeAustralians, you will not only find the restaurants a wide selection of meat dishes, but also will be able to fry the meat on the grill (on any parking Electric grills are installed).

Where to eat in Australia? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants where you can order dishes of European and other cuisines;
  • a restaurant specializing in a particular cuisine (Italian, Greek, Thai);
  • Fast food restaurants (international networks - Subway, KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, a local network - Red Rooster);
  • pubs (where you can not only try a variety of beers, but also order steak, seafood, fried potatoes, sausages, kebabs, salads).

Drinks in Australia

Australians are a popular drink tea, coffee, milk, fruit juices, beer, wine, Australian dark rum.

Beer lovers should try brands such as VB, Fosters, Coopers, Tooheys, Four XXXX, and wine lovers - Wolf Blass, Hardy's, Yalumba, Lindeman's.

Gastronomic Tour in Australia

If you go to a gastronomic tour inAustralia, you will be able to visit the restaurant with outdoor terrace and enjoy the unsurpassed cuisine and world-class wines. If desired, you can arrange a dinner in Sydney Harbour in the gourmet restaurant, a coffee shop or on board the ship with a view of the harbor.

In Australia, often hosts food and winefestivals. For example, came to the festival of seafood, you can taste dishes made from sea gifts, and try tasting different varieties can be by going to the festival "wine cellar".

As in Australia, most of the wineriesis close to the major cities that offer to visit the "backstage tour", you will have the opportunity to visit first-class restaurants and quality assessment classes of wine tasting.

Arriving in Australia, you will spend an unforgettable holiday at this distant continent.

Photos Australian national dishes

  • Traditional cuisine in Australia
  • Traditional cuisine in Australia
  • Traditional cuisine in Australia

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