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Railroads Australia

Railroads Australia

Railways of Australia used the mostparts for transportation. Railway high-speed connection to the country is absent. Travel between the cities on the trains cost a bit cheaper air travel on the same routes, but take more time. Despite this, the railways allow access in small towns, located away from the airport. Way paved for the most beautiful places that allow travelers to enjoy the spectacular views.

State railway sphere

The railway network covers mainlymega-cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. The length of the network is about 41,461 km. Railroad tracks not on the island of Tasmania. The coastal areas of Australia covered a fairly dense rail network. In other areas it has not received development. Passenger carries several companies:. "The Australian National Railways", "Railways of Western Australia," "Iron Queensland road", etc. Rail transport provides more than 42% of cargo Commonwealth. Half of them are accounted for by private transport companies. The length of the private lines - 2,400 km.

Private railways in Australia have evolvedmuch faster than government. Therefore, they cover most of the territory of the State. Railroad tracks were built by different companies, in connection with which the track have different widths. Rolling stock also has differences. The transcontinental railway was put into operation in 2004, connecting Adelaide to Darwin. In this way occur passenger and container traffic. The most famous passenger train is considered the "Gang", which makes a trip for 3 days.

Categories of seats in trains

The Australian trains have sleeping and chairs 1st Class and Economy Class seats. In some formulations have sleeping accommodation of economy class.

The most significant inter-regional roadconsidered the Great Southern Railway, which is owned by Serco Group. According to her cruising speed 3 composition Indian Pacific. Train tickets are expensive. Trains from Melbourne to Adelaide takes 9 hours and will cost about $ 100. In Sydney from Adelaide can be reached in a day, spending $ 130. Routes and schedules can be seen at Seat61 website. To constantly traveling people travel there Ausrail Pass, which allows making an unlimited number of trips during the time his actions. The travel for three months is $ 772 for six months - $ 990.


  • Railroads Australia
  • Railroads Australia

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