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Rent a Car in Australia

Rent a Car in Australia

Homeland kangaroo, Australia, however we it, and itmarsupial inhabitants would not love this wonderful continent is difficult to attribute to the number of countries where it is easy to get a visa. The application procedure for the coveted passport inserts in a very bureaucratic.

You will need a notarized and allpapers translated, and the translation itself should perform an accredited translator. In addition, it will have to thoroughly verify your financial viability.

The visa fee size 4200 rubles - is evenfinancially wealthy man appreciable amount, whereas the guarantee of a clear visa no. But all this is partly offset by an electronic confirmation of the visa, which means to come to the embassy will not have to again.

Features car rental

But when he reached the coveted continent, youYou can immediately puzzled search for car rental. Well, do not carry as his "swallow" across the ocean! And even better, as long as you are only going to Australia, reserve online distributors the right car, and you can even have time to find a very favorable rent. And you immediately appear limitless possibilities for the development of new horizons. You will be able to visit the sights, which are often seen in the pictures, but have always wanted to visit them.

Admiring the local attractions from the windowrent a car, do not forget about the speed limit. Here they are for most of the drivers who come here from around the world. In Australia, the territory of the settlements can not exceed the limit of 50 km / h, but on the country roads the maximum speed is higher - 90 km / h.


Rent a Car in Australia associated with the use95 th or 98 th of unleaded gasoline. Also here in the course of the diesel fuel. All this has on local gas stations, whereas leaded petrol and gas filling stations in the country to find. 1 liter of unleaded gasoline will cost 1.37 euros and diesel fuel - at 1.32 euros.

On the green continent, there is strong growthpopulation. For our time is amazing, but for a man of the Russian wonder more and that increases with population growth and the number of machines. Apparently the lead in the birth of children is seen among the wealthy. But as a result of the rise of the number of free parking spaces are greatly reduced. And the biggest problem with that in the central districts of large cities. Accordingly, the parking rates, with the entire continent, held at a high level.

On weekdays, parking in the city center only paid. After 19:00 on the streets of many parking fees will be canceled. The same applies at the weekend - you can park for free.



  • Rent a Car in Australia
  • Rent a Car in Australia

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