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Traditions Australia

Traditions Australia

Existing in a total isolation fromrest of the world, Australia is famous not only for its unique natural wonders and animals, all of which go to the polls with their bags. For flown here for the first time traveler Australia traditions can also seem very strange and unusual. Customs and habits, as does the Australian people, were born relatively recently, and the culture of green continent to this day is in the process of formation and development.

Picnics and racing

Two undeniable love for each Australian - ithorse races and picnics in the open air. And if the attacks on nature are satisfied with enviable regularity, then there is only one racing day of the year, which the government declares weekends in Victoria. On the first Tuesday in November each of its residents on a long-standing tradition in Australia relies on the favorite, participating in the Melbourne Cup.
Spring country celebrates Memorial Day Veterans. April 25 at a gala parade on the streets of cities all face, who once defended the honor of the country in military conflicts. After lunch begins honoring heroes and friendly gatherings in bars, doors which open into the night until the morning.

Without a shadow of a hint

In the tradition of Australia - to say what you have tomind and do not use hints. It welcomed the brevity of explanations and descriptions, restricted expression of emotions in humans, taken handshake among men and a polite expression of concern for the lady.
On a visit at the invitation of Australians go underThis, taken with a drink can be regarded as a sign of courtesy and good manners. Good manners require residents green continent not demonstrate the superiority of their own no matter where it was.

The center of the world

Its mainland Australians considered the mostcentral on the planet. They do not tend to the feeling of being "on the margins" of geographical and political life, and a dislike of the local population to travel to other countries for a long time has been the subject of jokes. Popular tradition Australia - Issue aways coated with a world map on which the Green Continent is located in the heart.
Not too much popularity among the authorities any Australians leads to the fact that they prefer their own products and imported products are highly skeptical.


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