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Tours in Salzburg

Tours in Salzburg

Located in the north-west Austria Salzburg- The city of amazing people here who once lived and worked. That was born in Salzburg and Mozart wrote his music, it is known to everyone, but in addition to the great composer here were born physicist Doppler, conductor Herbert von Karajan and Formula 1 racer Ratzenberger. And participants tours in Salzburg learn that writer Zweig, a physician and alchemist Paracelsus and musician Haydn also prefer Salzach riverbank to live and work.

History and geography

At the foot of the Alps stretches in the valleythe city of Salzburg and it serves its panoramic mountain background and the main decorations of all the events taking place here. Its history begins in 45 BC, when the Romans founded the colony Yuvavum, which has become an important point of one of the provinces of the empire. Then the tribes were noted in Salzburg rugiev ready and Heruli, and in the VIII century, the city became the episcopal residence. That's when it received its present name, meaning "Salt Fortress". The old part of Salzburg is listed in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage.

Briefly about the importance

  • The warmest time of year is the summer, but it is the same, andthe most rainy. Thermometers show participants travel to Salzburg in July 25 stable, but from May to September, there are almost daily rainfall. Optimally just come to Austria in the spring or in the middle of autumn, when the weather is much drier and the temperature is kept at around 15.
  • Direct flights from Russian cities inSalzburg yet, but the local airport receives aircrafts from many cities in Austria and European capitals. In addition, the birthplace of Mozart - an important railway junction and can reach Salzburg by train from Vienna, Prague, Rome, Berlin or Munich.
  • Getting around the city the easiest way to reduce the cost,buying travel for a day or a week. And the driver such tickets cost a bit more expensive than in tobacco kiosks. Taxi participants tours in Salzburg may seem quite expensive, but the bus with a fixed schedule - less expensive option.
  • Rented cars on tour to SalzburgIt can cause problems with the search for parking. In addition, service price parking machines in general and in Europe in Austria, in particular, rather big. Cheaper cost bike rental which also discounts on the cards Zalzburg Card.


  • Tours in Salzburg
  • Tours in Salzburg

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