Entertainment in Vienna - the photo. Amusement Parks in Vienna.

Entertainment in Vienna

Entertainment in Vienna

Entertainment in Vienna - is not only visiting clubs and discos: in the Austrian capital has open area, which showcases musical performances and even an open-air cinema.

Amusement Parks in Vienna

  • "Prater": in addition to all sorts of attractions, this amusement park is famous for its cozy cafes and picnic areas, as well as a museum. Adult guests should look to the popular attraction "Prater Turm" - here they will be impressed by the flight of 95-meter height (speed - 60 km / h). In addition, there is an unusual Ferris wheel, where the role of the booths operate trailers: anyone can spend a romantic dinner, reserving all such carriage. As for children, they can visit the puppet theater, to take part in races on the highway, jump on a children's jumping tower, a ride on a mini road train ...
  • "Esterhazy Park": Here you can walk along the shady alleys, look to the temple of Princess Leopoldina, admire the statues and fountains. Since the park is located the former anti-aircraft tower, going into it, you can visit the "House of the Sea", and climbers - climb on the climbing wall (it is on the outside of the tower).
  • Rope Park "Waldseilpark Kahlenberg": here adult visitors who want to experience the thrill, offer to walk on rope paths, well equipped in the trees. As for younger guests, for them there is a children's areas, located on the meter height from the ground.

What kind of entertainment in Vienna?

Visiting the Butterfly House (Schmetterlinghaus), youstroll through the conservatory decorated in Art Nouveau style, and you can enjoy not only the amazing fluttering creatures, but also exotic plants and trees, graceful fountains and artificial waterfalls.

If you are interesting nightentertainment, take a look at such nightclubs as "A Dance Club" (a bar, 2 dance floors, on Wednesdays partying "Afterjobparty", and on Saturday - a party for lonely hearts), "Roter Engel" (every evening here playing jazz, then - Latin American music) and "Passage" (there are "stag parties" disco "Sunshine Club", the party "Cosmopolitan Club" and others).

And having gone on the Danube Island, active tourists can not only swim, but also ride on a catamaran or surf.

Activities for Children in Vienna

  • Children's "Zoom" Museum: a visit to this museum (all museum exhibits are designed to develop children's various organs feelings) would be an unusual adventure for the youngest visitors. Then they will engage in entertaining and educational programs in the form of games, excursions, talks, lectures.
  • "Bogi Park": here your child will wait for children's rides, a climbing wall, playgrounds with trampolines, magical caves, slides and mazes, games and competitions ...

On holiday in the Austrian capital, you will have to wait for the balls and festivals, galleries and museums, opera halls and parks of ...


  • Entertainment in Vienna
  • Entertainment in Vienna
  • Entertainment in Vienna

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