Alone in Vienna: a journey routes. Travel to Vienna

Independent travel to Vienna

Independent travel to Vienna

A charming and lovely old callAustrian capital lovers of opera, museums, chocolate cakes and the famous Viennese coffee. Cobbles majestic squares and magnificent Baroque facades combine historical and cultural capital of the Old World from the comfort of hotels, excellent tourist services and amazing hospitality of the locals.

When to go to Vienna?

In summer, cool bring many crownsfountains, the authors of which have become famous sculptors and architects of the past centuries. Winter Vienna like elegant card on which of the lush Christmas decoration you can see the fabulous dwarves and fairy godmothers. Spring visitors to the city to exhaustion admire the flowering trees in the numerous parks and gardens, and in autumn walking on the golden carpet of fallen leaves from the Vienna Woods drives the romantic thrill even the most desperate of pragmatists.

How to get to Vienna?

The international airport of the Austrian capitalIt located just 10 kilometers from the city and in a comfortable three-hour flight from Moscow. From it to the city center shuttle-speed shuttle train and bus, marked with the symbol in the form of two red braces on white.


Hotel Vienna fund - not the budget, butquite varied. Save on accommodation can be settled in the outskirts of the city or in nearby suburbs. Capital is associated with excellent transport links the suburbs, but because the road to the main attractions will not take much time and will not cause problems. The acquisition of the Vienna transport cards will enable profitable to pay for travel.

Argue about taste

Vienna sausages and strudel, sweet omelette,flavored with plum jam, and the Emperor's favorite Tafelspitz - in the Austrian capital will have to forget about diets and vegetarian fashion trends. Portions tend to be very significant, but because they can easily be ordered for two. For those independent travelers who prefer to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee, we can recommend mobile street cafes, where the simplicity of the interior does not detract from the merits of the kitchen.

Cognitive and exciting

The most important sights of Vienna - PalaceSchönbrunn, the Museum Quarter, Hundertwasser House, the Hofburg and the Albertina, you can visit for a single discounted Wien Karte, which not only saves on the entrance to the main attractions, but also provides an opportunity not to pay for public transport for three days from the date of acquisition .

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