The suburbs of Vienna - the photo, what to see

Vienna Suburbs

Vienna Suburbs

The federal capital of Austria is famous for opera,coffee and Viennese waltz, but in fact it turns out there are at least pleasant things - architectural landmarks, parks, chocolate cake and quite modern nightclubs. To enjoy the splendor of old Austria, it is imperative to take a walk in the suburbs of Vienna. There, away from the tourist hype, lies the greatest charm of the Austrian capital - unhurried measured life to the sound of the Tyrolean tunes.

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Vienna is divided into 23 districts, most of the outlyingwhich, in fact, it is its suburbs. Among them is the thirteenth district of Hietzing, located in the south-west of the Austrian capital. Sights Hietzing have the status of international celebrities:

  • The summer residence of the Austrian Habsburgs Schönbrunnrightfully included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Construction of the palace was started in the end of the XVII century and a half later in the decade Hietzing appeared magnificent architectural masterpiece of the Baroque. He is considered one of the most beautiful palace and park ensemble of the Old World. Several dozens of halls, rooms, galleries and chambers decorated with a king. Here there august persons and Mozart himself often played for them his magical music.
  • On the territory of the Schönbrunn Park in 1752 wasbased Imperial menagerie, which became the world's first zoo. Its layout was a pavilion for breakfast, built in the Baroque style, around which, like chunks of cake, located thirteen enclosures with animals. Here was born the world's first elephant born in captivity, and the giant pandas living in the outskirts of Vienna - the cause of the constant huge influx of visitors.
  • The former hunting grounds became Ferdinand Itoday Lainzer Zoo in the suburbs of Vienna. It is open to public access, and you can watch the roe deer, squirrels, deer and many other animals in their natural habitat.

Tales from the Vienna Woods

The famous green belt of the Austrian capital,Vienna Woods takes more than a thousand hectares between the Danube and the vineyards on one side and the resort area of ​​Baden - with another. Forest on the outskirts of Vienna - a favorite vacation spot of its inhabitants and the many tourists.
Infrastructure Nature Reserve includes hotels and resort towns that grew near the healing thermal springs.


  • Vienna Suburbs
  • Vienna Suburbs

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