Taxis in Vienna - price, order. How much is a taxi in Vienna

Taxis in Vienna

Taxis in Vienna

Taxis in Vienna are not cheap, but almost allpresented cars - this is a high-end machine (you can order a taxi for 6-8 people, and even take advantage of the bicycle taxis).

Taxi Services in Vienna

In Vienna, there are no private taxis - all cars are equipped with a counter, are symbols of the taxi, and in the cabin - the ad, which reflects information about the tariffs, as well as contact numbers, the carrier company.

On the streets of Vienna are not taken to stop the taxi(As if you did not attract the attention of the driver, it will not stop): in case you want to send him on a dedicated parking lot (a lot of them in every area of ​​the city). Even if not in the parking lot would be no car, there you will see a phone number on which you can directly contact with the dispatcher and order.

Call the taxi radios onfollowing numbers: 40-100; 31-300; 60-160. It is worth noting that in Vienna for people deprived of hearing, provided a special service, which consists in ordering a taxi 408-15-25-848 fax. In addition, interested persons can call a taxi, the driver is on the way to tell passengers about the main attractions of Vienna (+ 43- (0) -664), and the women - specially created for them a taxi (+ 43- (0) -601-60) .

Bicycle taxi in Vienna

Velo-taxis can be found near the mainsights of the city: for a trip within the same area you will pay about 10 euros. This taxi is able to carry 1-2 passengers and a small luggage.

The cost of a taxi in Vienna

Thinking, how much is a taxi in Vienna? Please note the following information:

  • landing in the average cost of 2.5 euros;
  • fare is paid, based on the rate of 1.5 EUR / 1 km;
  • night (24:00 to 06:00), on holidays and weekends, special tariff, increasing the fare by 20%;
  • 30 seconds to wait will be 0.2 euros and 1 hour - 27 euros;
  • if you order a taxi for more than 4 persons, the extra charge for travel will be 3 euros.

On average, the cost of travel from the airport to the center of Vienna costs about 40 euros, and a trip around the city, depending on the distance, is about 30 euros.

If you are planning to make a trip out of town, on the cost and the route it is advisable to agree with the driver in advance.

To make payment you can manage both cashand credit cards, but their desire to pay one way or another it is advisable to inform before ordering or planting. At the end of the trip the driver is obliged to give the passenger a check. If it does not, it makes sense to contact the dispatcher.

Tip: to avoid being fined, a taxi in Vienna should not smoke.

Getting around Vienna is easier, more convenient and comfortable for a taxi, especially because in the Austrian capital are practically no traffic jams.

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