Bus tours to Austria. The cost of bus tours through Austria in 2016

Bus tours to Austria

Bus tours to Austria

Austria - this is one of the most prosperous countriesEurope. This country is very comfortable and the standard of living of the ordinary citizen is very high. Bus tours to Austria - this is a great opportunity to feel the rhythm of life of the country, close to get acquainted with its culture and infrastructure, as well as an unforgettable experience. Austria attracts not only the sights, but also the magnificent views - a very large part of the country covered with the famous Alps, so your vacation photos will be able to compete even with some modern art.

Travel Features & Attractions

bus trip to Austria will give you a goodthe opportunity to enjoy the splendor of the largest of its cities - Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck. Interestingly, the world ranking of the most developed in terms of the quality of life of cities is headed by the Vienna - capital of Austria. The city has a very rich history, because Vienna was the residence of the Habsburg dynasty, the famous European monarchs. At a time when the Habsburgs ruled the city, Vienna is also the capital of the Roman Empire of the German Nation. Vienna is not in vain considered to be the center of politics and culture in Europe - many of the historical events in world history occurred without the involvement of the city.

Vienna is called museum city, and not in vain: the number of the city's attractions is committed to an unprecedented number. The most popular historical and cultural monuments of Vienna are as follows:

  1. "Albertina" Museum;
  2. Belvedere palace complex;
  3. Vienna Opera;
  4. Liechtenstein Museum;
  5. St. Stephen's Cathedral;
  6. Hofburg;
  7. Schönbrunn;
  8. Tower mad;
  9. Vienna Woods and many others.

tour cost

If you book a tour in advance, the cost of the entirea trip for you will be lower than for the other participants. On average, you can count on the amount in the range of 250-500 dollars. Bus tour of the money will be enough to get acquainted with the main attractions of the country and to visit several major cities. You even do not have time to get tired on the trip as comfortable buses allowed to sleep during the journey.

The price includes accommodation,transit traveler on items identified in the program, professional guide service and breakfast. Sometimes in the tour price immediately enters and mandatory health insurance. If you want to visit a museum on their own or go out of town away from the tourist group, you should only rely on their own funds. The guide will answer all of your questions in the course of travel, and professional drivers do not go astray.

Photos of bus tours in Austria

  • Bus tours to Austria
  • Bus tours to Austria
  • Bus tours to Austria

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