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Education in Austria

Education in Austria

Austria is famous for not only the Vienna balls, operas, cakes, but also a high quality education. What benefits does the Austrian education?

  • The ability to obtain a diploma of the international European standard;
  • Passage of internship and job placement of students not only in Austria but also in other European and German-speaking countries, such as Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg;
  • The ability to master the German language;
  • The students of Austrian universities have the right to choose when they take exams and on what topics to write dissertations and term papers.

Higher education in Austria

Some higher education institutions in Austriaoffer to receive free education at bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. Enrolling in an Austrian university "Erasmus" can be on the program through which students are entitled to receive a monthly stipend of 300-600 euros.

To be enrolled in the Austrian university, you do not need to take the entrance examinations and know the German language (it can be learned in the learning process) - a certificate of completion of secondary school have enough.

On average, in higher education institutions in Austria, students learn to 3-6 years.

Despite the fact that the students themselves determinewhen and on what lectures they attend and also set deadlines for exams, training in high schools require students to a maximum of self-discipline and organization (constantly postponing the exams, you can become a perpetual student).

To pass the exam, you need to carefully prepare: there is no usual for Russians tickets and the responses to them. The Austrian universities dominated system of written works, development and protection projects. In addition, the exams have to register in advance (some even for a month).

The graduates of Austrian universities are valued in the worldthe market for the reason that education does not work grading system "automatic" - here are educated not for the sake of "crisp", but for the sake of knowledge.

Working while studying

Having received permission, students may work a maximum of 10 hours per week (during the learning process) and not more than 3 months in a year (during the holidays)!

After studying in Austria, it is possible to issue a permit to stay in the country as a "key employee" or address the issues of their employment in other European companies.

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  • Education in Austria
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  • Education in Austria

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