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Features of Austria

Features of Austria

Tourist business in this country is built inmainly in the winter sports and ski resorts, but in the summer you can see quite a lot of tourists who come to improve their health, porelaksirovat against the backdrop of alpine meadows and get to know the Royal Vienna. Knowing that represent national characteristics of Austria, tourist easier to communicate with local people and solve problems.

Not just pure

The anxious attitude of Austrians to clean -the first thing that surprises every traveler crossing the country's borders. This concerns not only the streets, squares and gardens, clean, though just washed or painted, seem at home, not only in the capital or major cities but also small mountain villages.

Even in the countryside reigns idyll -neat tidy houses, decorated with lots of flowers growing in pots and decorative vases. The same "Austrian" comfort prevails in every home, the owners, regardless of their position or place of work, love yourself to restore order or to conduct repairs.

On a visit home

For any guest in the host tissue preparedslippers that will keep the house clean and make the stay of the person, their wearer more comfortable. Also on the guest's health care, to take care of the receiving party that was comfortable shower. holiday atmosphere is created instantly in a single family, or in town, or in the whole of Austria as a whole.

There are festivals that are celebrated at the national level in Austria, have their own celebrations specific to a particular area or locality.

Viennese coffee and cake

Austrian hospitality manifested in everything,including the ability to entertain. Submission of even one small cup of Viennese coffee (this, aromatic) turns into a solemn and beautiful act. The Austrian capital, primarily famous for its coffee and Viennese cakes.

But in Vienna lovely restaurants, and othertowns you can find more solid and hearty. Sami Austrians prefer meat and meat delicacies. From drinks Austrian patriots prefer beer, and they believe that it is in no way inferior to the German and Czech. Each of the lands of the country has its own brewery, which the locals are proud of.

In the traditions of Austrian cookingand the use of a huge number of desserts, such as cakes and biscuits, pastries and cakes. Viennese pastries admirable any gourmet and country guest.


  • Features of Austria
  • Features of Austria
  • Features of Austria

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