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Austrian Railways

Austrian Railways

Austrian Railways are runState w / d of Austrian Federal Railways. They are connected with the European and international routes. The railway network of the country is formed by main lines: Vienna - Graz, Vienna - Linz - Salzburg - Innsbruck, Vienna - Filah. Through the Alps are four routes. Schedule of trains presented on the official website of the Austrian railways - www.oebb.at. In this virtual site, you can book a ticket.

Austria has a high level of developmentrail links. The main vehicle train advocates in the country. Austrian Railways have a length of about 6000 km. Movement of trains takes place smoothly and clearly. National Railway Company oBB operates flights every hour, connecting the major cities of the state.

Austrian trains

Schedule of trains in the country is thought todetails. Formulations tested on major stations every hour. train in perfect condition used in Austria. They are spacious, comfortable and clean. By train traveler can reach any city in the country. For long-haul routes are long-distance trains. These include EC-type compositions, ICE, D, IC. On the regional train lines used by R & E in the suburbs ply S-Bahn compositions.

Prices w / tickets

Ticket price depends on the category of the train asand the speed of movement of the composition. Solo travel cost in Austria is cheaper than in other European countries. At the special rate is the group travel, when each subsequent trip participant pays 2 times less than the previous one. Tickets at discounted prices offered vending machines at stations. Pay the fare inspector may be on the train. To travel by train and save, it is better to buy a ticket. One train carriage usually take place the second and first classes. All trains for passengers are equipped with comfortable soft seats and bathrooms. On the Austrian stations and in trains, smoking is prohibited.

Price passage train depends on the class,distance route, the number of persons in the group. Round-trip ticket is cheaper. For foreign tourists is Interrail pass ticket, which allows significant savings on travel by rail. Travel is cheap when buying a ticket to the second class, which provides a comfortable place. For trips around the country, you can use the services of Austrian Railpass. It offers w / e tickets for unlimited travel, valid for four days.


  • Austrian Railways
  • Austrian Railways

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