Kitchen Austria: photos, recipes and dishes of national cuisine of Austria

Cuisine of Austria

Cuisine of Austria

Kitchen Austria - easy-to-prepare dishes that differ satiety and good taste.

National cuisine Austria

The important role played by Austria in pies, meat andfish dishes, sausages, soups. In the province of Tyrol help themselves dumplings with fruits and potatoes, and casseroles, which includes wheat flour, ground meat, bacon and potatoes ( "grestl in South Tyrol") in Carinthia - baked river fish and dumplings with cottage cheese, in Salzburg - Salzburg dumplings and mushroom dishes, in Styria - meat, stewed with spices.

eat meals being prepared in the kitchen with the Austrianthe same skill, irrespective of the areas. These dishes, for example, are shinkenflekerln (noodles with ham, cheese, eggs) and Wiener Schnitzel (veal batted in breadcrumbs, fried on hot oil).

Popular Austrian cuisine:

  • "Erdepfelgulyash" (stew made of artichoke and meat);
  • "Boyshel" (stew of heart and lung);
  • "Kutelgrestl" (pork tripe special preparation);
  • "Kazerkrayner" (sausage stuffed with cheese);
  • "Tafelspitz" (a dish of braised or grilled beef with the addition of potatoes and apple horseradish);
  • "Leberknedlsuppe" (beef broth with liver dumplings).

Where to try Austrian cuisine?

Going snack in local restaurants? You should be aware that they have a full menu, lunch menu, the daily menu and a special offer of the day 2-3 meals. In any town of the country to visit one of the taverns (Buschenschenke), which serve sausages, thick soups, ham, rustic pies with different fillings.

In Vienna, you can look at "Figlmuller" (in thisrestaurant you can enjoy the biggest and most delicious Viennese schnitzel, which is served potato salad with original sauce, and for dessert they offer to enjoy the taste of the Viennese strudel), in Graz - in "Magnolia" (here well-prepared dishes from the Austrian-Mediterranean ingredients - pate eggplant salad with shrimp and tomatoes, veal tenderloin with cream), in Salzburg - in the "Carpe Diem" (in this institution Austrian and European cuisine is served in the "cones", and this applies not only desserts, but main dishes; and here should come for the "sweet breakfast" or "spicy breakfast", served from 08:30 to 11:00).

Cooking Courses in Austria

In one of Vienna's restaurants wishing to be invited tocooking lessons - they will learn to prepare three original dishes, followed by a lunch with wine tasting and cooked foods ( "disciples" will be given a certificate of attendance and gave the brand an apron).

The trip to Austria could be timed to coincide with the Gourmet Festival (Vienna, May), where guests will be acquainted with the culinary peculiarities of different regions of the country and popotchuyut traditional dishes.


  • Cuisine of Austria
  • Cuisine of Austria
  • Cuisine of Austria

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