The national drink of Austria. Alcohol in Austria: the price, the export, the export rate of alcohol

Drinks Austria

Drinks Austria

When it comes to Austria, blissfully music fancloses his eyes from the flood of memories of the visit of the Vienna Opera, sighs of sweet tooth left in the window of the cake confectionery air and photographer leafing through an album with delightful photo Hofburg palace. Amazing country allows each guest to enjoy his trip by offering a choice of ski resorts and magnificent temples, culinary masterpieces and beverages Austria, unhurried contemplation street flow through the window of the coffee shop in the Viennese street and walk along the narrow paths to the mountain roaring waterfalls.

Alcohol Austria

Like any member of the EU, Austria is subject tocommon customs rules, is not allowed to bring into the country more than a liter of strong alcohol. Beer or wine you can bring your two liters, but few people do it because of the quality and accessibility of alcohol in Austria. A liter of beer in the Austrian bar will cost 2-5 euros depending on the beverage type. Approximately the same is the local dry wine bottle in supermarkets.

The national drink of Austria

Everyone, even have never been in AustriaPeople will almost certainly have tried a drink, known all over the world and millions of fans favorite coffee. It is a Viennese coffee, whose popularity has long ago crossed the border only on the state but also the entire Old World. The national drink of Austria appeared in Vienna at the end of the XVII century. Remaining after the Turkish siege bags of coffee beans handy sutler Kolshitskomu, try a visit to the Ottoman Empire magic drink. He opened his first store in downtown Vienna and won the hearts of the citizens to their original recipe coffee. Too unusual and bitter taste it is masked by the addition of honey and cream.
Today there are in the country more than a thousand coffee shops and modern prescription Viennese coffee with that distant time changed somewhat:

  • Weld strong black coffee at the rate of 1 tsp freshly ground coffee for a glass of water and pour into a high dish.
  • Whisk half cup heavy cream with a couple of spoons of powdered sugar and vanilla to taste in a solid foam, and place on top of the coffee.
  • Sprinkle with grated chocolate foam cap or cinnamon.

To complete the dive effect in Vienna realities make coffee a piece of firm chocolate apricot cake "Sacher".

Alcoholic beverages Austria

Traditional alcoholic drinks in Austria - this isbeer, little inferior in quality German varieties, dry white wine from the local vineyards, berries and fruit schnapps, which is the habit may be too strong, and therefore perfectly suited for souvenirs to friends and colleagues malopyuschy.


  • Drinks Austria
  • Drinks Austria
  • Drinks Austria
  • Drinks Austria

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