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The federal structure of the Republic of AustriaIt makes her land equal subjects with some separate legislative powers. The central authority in the country, because historically, concentrated in the capital. The modern territory of Austria is divided into nine land, one of which - the capital city of Vienna. All areas in Austria have their own flag and coat of arms, and their governments are made up of the land of the governor and his advisers.

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The most fertile land spread out in the AustrianDanube valley, but because here the largest number of the population. Areas of Upper and Lower Austria, Vienna and Burgenland - a granary, where they grow grapes and other crops. Here are the basic and industrial enterprises.
Unsuitable for running any kind of economyregion of Austria, find themselves on the map in the eastern foothills of the Alps. Carinthia, Salzburg, Styria and Vorarlberg, and finally, the most high among them Tyrol - a territory occupied by mountain slopes, and most of their residents found his vocation in the tourism industry. Trails top Austrian ski resorts escape thin snakes along the mountain slopes of these areas.

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Travelling in Austria promises a lotinteresting to all fans of music and stories, active winter sports and hiking in the mountains. Here you can taste excellent wines in gastronomic tours and taste the best masterpieces of local confectioners in Viennese coffeehouses, the more that Viennese coffee was invented in Austria. Today, all fans of flavored drink tend to visit the Café Sacher - cult coffee in Vienna. The cafe menu but a dozen coffee recipes appears brand cake "Sacher". Besides:

  • For skiing with children is best to standin the resort of Zell am See. Also perfectly groomed trails its slopes to offer guests a dozen ski schools, and local trainers will be able to put on the skis even the most green "penguin".
  • On healing springs can not only Shtriiimprove their health, but also get positive emotions from the contemplation of ideal landscapes, because this area of ​​Austria almost completely dissected by mountain ranges.
  • Walking in Salzburg are of particularinterest because here was born the great Mozart, and because the entire city center is the greatest cultural value, according to UNESCO.


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