Taxis in Austria - price, order. How much is a taxi in Austria

Taxis in Austria

Taxis in Austria

Austria - developed nation that hasrich history and culture. This country is very popular with many tourists coming from different parts of the globe. Taxis in Austria - this is a great opportunity to spend a holiday in this country, the most comfortable and convenient. Status of Austrian roads - just gorgeous, so any trip is just a joy and not bring any inconvenience to tourists. All taxi cars are high-class transportation, the ride in a taxi - fun is not cheap.

Taxi prices in Austria

Order a taxi in Austria can be on oneperson, and it can be six, and eight. Also runs a bicycle taxi, which you can move over short distances. Moving bicycle taxis from place to place, visitors can fully experience the atmosphere surrounding the Austrian magnificence. Since 2012 the price of a taxi in this country has increased significantly, and now the average rates are as follows:

  • Landing and the trip to a distance of 1 km will cost 3-4 euros;
  • The distance up to 4 km will cost about 0.2 euros for every 140.7 meters;
  • Directions at a distance of 4 km to 9 km in Austria will cost 1.08 euros per kilometer;
  • A distance of more than 9 km is estimated at 1.05 euro per kilometer.

Nightly rates will be slightly higher, but in general,prices remain at quite acceptable level. Very pleased with the fact that the price of a taxi in Austria for all the same. Each machine is equipped with a special counter, so the tourist can pay for your trip, having calculated the distance up to 1 meter. No fiddling with payment to make, in principle, impossible. By firmly prescribed fee you have to pay "top", if you order a taxi to:

  • More than 4 people. For every "extra" passengers will have to pay 2 euros;
  • Visits to historical sites. The fee depends on which route will follow your taxi.

Each carrier, usually, offers tourists a variety of additional services. For example, the transport of bulky luggage or travel for large groups of passengers.

To call a taxi by phone: +43 664 5251160; +43 660 5474006.

To pay for the trip in a taxi in Austria cannot only cash, but credit cards. If you do not have cash with you, check with the taxi driver, is it possible to make a payment using a credit card. The main law of the Austrian taxi: "We do not smoke." This is a very positive thing, which is very important for tourists and taxi drivers themselves.

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  • Taxis in Austria
  • Taxis in Austria

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