Holidays in Austria in February: prices and weather. Where to rest in Austria in February

Holidays in Austria in February

Holidays in Austria in February

February pleases higher temperatures thanJanuary is the coldest in Austria. However, this trend observed only in the middle of the second decade. Until that time, the temperature is kept at the same value.

You should be prepared for the fact that the cooler justalpine part of Austria. It should be noted that the temperature is the lowest in the highlands. Winter is soft, despite the low temperatures and heavy snowfalls, which occasionally make themselves felt. Day can be from -3 to -5C, but at night the temperature drops to -8-10C. In the plains of the Lower and Upper Austria, Styria, daytime temperatures can reach + 1-6C, but sometimes at night the temperature drops to -2-4C.

Vienna does not allow to fully enjoyfamiliarity with the famous sights. Day can be + 5-6C, but high levels of humidity and gusty winds forced to take a positive temperature 0-2C. In addition, in Vienna, rains, snow, contributing to the formation of black ice.

Ski holidays

Ski holidays in Austria in February - isthe best option for tourists who love active lifestyle. Skiing takes a pleasant experience, because the snow can be called amazing. Tourists can visit the various ski resorts, each of which attracts a pleasant winter weather and picturesque scenery. It should be remembered only that is the minimum temperature is set in the most mountainous regions of Austria. Among other requirements that apply to the resort, it is necessary to note the type of placement, the level of development of infrastructure, technical equipment, and price range.

Things to do in Austria in February

  • In Austria, the shopping can be reallyinteresting. In addition, current sales, allowing to buy clothes, shoes and accessories at a discount of 70% in February. You should take advantage of this opportunity!
  • on February 14 in all of Austria celebrate Valentine's Day. You may want to visit in Vienna with your partner and even buy her a nice gift. You can choose beautiful flowers, delicious sweets, stylish decorations and exquisite perfume. Without a doubt, such a trip will only strengthen your relationship.
  • At the end of February in Vienna Restaurant Week is held, known as the Dining City. This festival allows all gourmets to taste the best local cuisine at reasonable prices.

In Austria many balls are held in the winter, each of which is special. What activities should be noted:

  • Ball owners of coffee shops. This Ball attracts five million visitors who enjoy dancing in the Hofburg. After the dance part of all the guests go to unusual cab in cafe Landtmann where having fun until the morning.
  • Caramel Ball at the Vienna Concert Hall. This event is famous for fun and informal mood, so it attracts young people.
  • Johann Strauss Ball. All lovers of classical music can enjoy waltzes of Strauss, the great composer.
  • Opera Ball at the Vienna State Opera. Each tourist can indulge in dancing and see the world stars.

Austria - a unique country, capable to offer an unforgettable stay, even in February!

Photo holiday in Austria

  • Holidays in Austria in February
  • Holidays in Austria in February

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