Holidays in Austria in October: prices and weather. Where to rest in Austria in October

Holidays in Austria in October

Holidays in Austria in October

Zone located in AustriaCentral European climate and thus it is possible to note a significant influence of the Atlantic Ocean. October - is the beginning of autumn. At this time you may notice deterioration in weather conditions.

Weather in October in Austria

During a guided tour planningIt should take into account the differences in climate in Austria, which depend on the geographical location of the region. In the Alpine region can be noted very high rainfall. In the intermountain plains precipitation will be slightly less. In the east, dominated by temperate steppe climate, the nature of which can be described as continental. There is always a little rain falls and the temperature continues to remain high until the end of October. In the south-east of Austria established a continental climate. Western districts are affected by the Atlantic. Thus, the weather can vary dramatically. The average daytime temperature in October is + 22C, and at night - + 6C. Despite the ambiguity of the weather, in October, you can enjoy the pastime in Austria.

Holidays and festivals in Austria in October

You dream about that for an eventful cultural leisure? If you decide to spend your holiday in Austria in October, you will have this opportunity. So what are the exciting activities you can mention?

  • The first Saturday in October decided to spend"Long Night of Museums". This action involved many museum venues. You can find out in advance what a museum will be open from 18.00 to 01.00. To visit the museum centers will need to buy a single ticket, which can be used for travel on a special tour bus. If desired, you can view permanent and temporary exhibitions, attend concerts and performances, thematic tours. Use the unique chance to have fun and to enrich their own knowledge!
  • In the last week of October in Vienna is traditionally held BA-CA TennisTrophy tournament. The participation of the best athletes in the world guarantees an amazing experience.
  • In Vienna, the beer festival held annuallyWeiner Wiesn, which falls on the second half of September - beginning of October. You can taste national dishes and drinks, and see performances by local and foreign musicians.

In Austria, you can spend unforgettable holidays in October!

Photo holiday in Austria

  • Holidays in Austria in October
  • Holidays in Austria in October

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