Baku Coat: photo, value. Description of the coat of arms of Baku

Baku Coat of Arms

Baku Coat of Arms

Authorities in Azerbaijan's capital at all times veryresponsible attitude to the main official symbols of the city. Baku Coat of Arms with the time of first birth in 1840 changed its contours several times. The modern image of his approved in 2001, that is, when the country entered the free and independent path of development.

The main symbol of the Azerbaijani capital reflects the natural attractions, the geographical position, the country's history and the realities of today's life.

The sea, the sky, the sun ...

Such association is the heraldic symbol of Baku as the main colors used by the authors to create a thumbnail - blue and gold.

Blue color associated primarily withThe Caspian Sea, on the shores of which is situated beautiful Baku. This enabled him to become not only the main city of Azerbaijan, but also the largest port in the country. It is also the main color of the stamp of the composition can be correlated with a cloudless sky, in this context, it has a value of peace, kindness, and respect.

In addition to the blue, there is still the color of the seawaves, which also corresponds with sea views. It is used in drawing the waves, however, it is alternation of color and gold. Kohler precious metal is also used for the circuit, and images of gold torches or lights.

The natural wealth of the country and the capital

Emblem of the Azerbaijani capital looks laconically,he is not overloaded with details, so each element clearly read by scholars in the field of heraldry. And not initiated into the mysteries of this science will be easy to answer the question of what the people are proud of the capital. It attracts the attention of two main elements: the outlines of the waves, symbolizing the water of the Caspian Sea; three symbolic image lights or torches.

Interestingly, among the waves, painted in goldtone and aqua, at the bottom there is a black tide. It is a symbol of the main wealth of Azerbaijan - oil. In 1879, the famous Nobel and his brothers founded in Baku oil company. Its name was quite simple and unoriginal - "Nobel Brothers", but actively conducted the development and production of black gold, and profits grew rapidly.

The second interesting element - lights, thereseveral symbolic meanings of these elements. Some experts say that this torch, symbolizing the oil. Other scientists say the natural origin stamp of lights, but also associated with the black gold.


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