Coat of arms of Azerbaijan: photo, value, description

Azerbaijan Coat of Arms

Azerbaijan Coat of Arms

It is known that the inhabitants of the Caucasus are particularlypride, loyalty to traditions and respect for elders, which is reflected in the main symbols of the countries in the region. It is, for example, a closer look at the coat of arms of Azerbaijan, to see the deep symbolism of the basic elements and colors, the continuity of generations, the link with the history and aspirations for the future.

"Land of Fire"

It was so beautiful and solemn callAzerbaijan aboriginals. Symbolically country is shown through the flames, depicts the coat of arms in the center. The eight-pointed star will remind of the eight branches of the Turkic people, whose descendants make up the main population of the country.

Below the emblem is braided wreath of earswheat, symbolizing fertility, land wealth and oak branches. The emergence of this particular tree can be interpreted as a show of force and power of the state.

The dream of their own state

For centuries, these blessedEarth is the subject of war, civil strife, military coups, and the struggle for independence. On the territory of modern Azerbaijan came to power by anyone, but not the indigenous population. It was only in 1920 in the Caucasus, a new, independent state - the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

The authorities understand the need to createstate symbols. a national competition to create a coat of arms was announced, the anthem and the press, but, unfortunately, the new republic stood for long. And in its place came the Azerbaijan SSR, part of a new empire under Moscow's rule, which determines what will be the state symbols of all the republics in its composition. Although the author of the coat of arms and became Ruben Shhiyan, a local graphic artist, but based on his sketch lay still emblem of the USSR. Therefore, without the symbols of the country of the Soviets could not do without.

On the State Emblem of Azerbaijan wereNaturally, sickle, hammer, five-pointed star and the inscription "Workers of all countries, unite!". As national symbols were wreaths of ears of corn, and cotton, as representatives of the most developed agricultural sectors of the Caucasian republic.

In 1937 it was approved a new descriptionAzerbaijan's main character, in which there was a place for the oil rig because of the extraction of minerals was an important place in the national economy.

Modern life

The dream of independence come true in1990s with the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1992, Azerbaijan received a new coat of arms, based on the characters of the emblem of the first independent republic. Maintain the basic details of the original structure, a minor revision received the items, including flame, wheat and oak branches.


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