Kitchen Azerbaijan: photo, dishes and recipes of the national cuisine of Azerbaijan

Kitchen Azerbaijan

Kitchen Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan kitchen is original and is based both on the traditions of his people, and culinary borrowings from Arabic, Persian and Georgian people.

The national cuisine of Azerbaijan

For the Azerbaijani cuisine is characterized byuse of meat (lamb, poultry, game), vegetables and fish, which are complemented by a variety of spices and herbs. In the special honor the vegetables - they are finely chopped, add to it sour-milk products, a variety of sauces, vegetable oil, fresh herbs. If we talk about some of the dishes, sometimes they are supplemented by additives in the form of pomegranate juice, dried fruits of dogwood, the juice of unripe grapes. As for soups, then they often add fat kurdjuchnyj (his finely cut and lay in the pudding).

The most common dish - plov (in the countrythere are more than 40 recipes for its preparation): for example, there are prepared "nardancha pilaf" (prepared using chicken, rice, dried apricots, pomegranate seeds, raisins), or "Shah pilaf" (for its preparation using rice, saffron, plum, lamb, chestnuts, raisins). Not less common in the local cuisine got dishes such as potatoes or skewers of eggplant, marinated and stuffed peppers and tomatoes.

Popular dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine:

  • "Dolma" (a dish, such as stuffed cabbage, which is wrapped in grape leaves and figs, as well as a filling is not only ground beef, and fish, and vegetables);
  • "Kelly Pacha" (soup for cooking which uses lamb legs and head);
  • "Hamrashi" (soup with noodles and beans);
  • "Azmya" (a dish of fried minced liver with spices);
  • salad "Khazar" (it adds vegetables, sturgeon, salmon, eggs and a variety of greens).

Where to try the national cuisine?

In Azerbaijan, it is difficult to stay hungry even in a roadside cafe menu travelers can always find a few types of meat cooked in various ways.

If you will relax in Baku, you can visit"Sultan" (in the restaurant guests are served the Azerbaijani cuisine, where you can watch the process of cooking because of the special counter), "Plov House" (here drop fans pilaf, because here you can find a variety of its variations, in addition, the house offers a taste of kebabs , saj, meat and vegetable salads) or "pahlava" (in the teahouse, you can order any of the 30 varieties of tea and eat baklava, nuts, jam, dried fruits, besides wanting to eat here offered to taste the soup dyushbara Azerbaijani pasties).

Cooking courses in Azerbaijan

If you arrive in Baku, then you will have to waitMarket visit with a master class for spices; master-class and personally taking part in the preparation of dishes such as "saj", "dovga", "baklava" and others; visit a tea ceremony in the tea house + tasting sweets.

Sam arrival in Azerbaijan will not be amiss to coincide with the holding of the Gastronomic Festival in Baku (May) or the Feast of the pomegranate in Goychay (October-November).


  • Kitchen Azerbaijan
  • Kitchen Azerbaijan
  • Kitchen Azerbaijan

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