Flag of Azerbaijan: photo, history, meaning of colors of the national flag of Azerbaijan

Flag of Azerbaijan

Flag of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani flag is the officialState symbols of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as the coat of arms and anthem. Adoption of the flag took place in the autumn of the eighteenth year of the twentieth century, and at first it was considered a flag of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, which existed before the twentieth year. In winter, ninety-one this flag approved Azrebaydzhana national flag - and the independence of the states was announced in the same year.
According to the decree, Aliyev, the then President of Azerbaijan, from 2009 year is planned to mark November 9 as the day of the national flag.
As for the relationship of the various partiesflag, it is one to two. Crest is a red panel, ie the tricolor. There are also three strips are present with a blue, green and red coloring, and they are arranged horizontal manner. In the middle of the flag on the surface of the red strip is placed a star with eight endings and a crescent moon. These drawings were white. The blue coloring is associated with the Turks (ie, the main population of this country, because Azerbaijanis are people who speak a Turkic language). Red coloration is associated with the modernization of society and development of democracy. Green coloring refers to the Islamic religion.
As noted in his speech Mamed Rasulzade,head of the Azerbaijani National Council, a banner with the three colors represents freedom for the Turks, Islam and modern culture. According to Uzeyir Hajibeyov, the founder of the Azerbaijani national anthem, the blue coloration associated with Turkism, green color associated with Islamism, and the red coloring indicates progress and culture.
Crescent shown in a flag denotingIslam, and the presence of eight-pointed stars indicating the eight letters in the word "Azerbaijan" (using the Arabic alphabet). Sometimes eight endings stars associated with the branches of the Turkic peoples.
Twenty-third constitutional article revealsDetailed description of the flag. In particular, it specifies the exact official colors, the presence of the strips and their number, the ratio of the available sides (width figures are twice the length of the performance of the flag).

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