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Tourism in Azerbaijan

Tourism in Azerbaijan

Little Caucasian republic in terms ofTourist is an object worthy of admiration, respect and attention. Tourism in Azerbaijan is only gaining momentum and can not compete on the amount of revenues from the oil and gas industry. But under certain conditions, including further active development of infrastructure of leisure, treatment and entertainment, there is a good chance with the help of visitors from abroad to significantly increase the amount of foreign exchange earnings.

In Azerbaijan, the curious visitor will be able to evaluatethe quality of local carpets, to get acquainted with the architecture of the ancient Zoroastrian temples, try forty varieties of tea and delicious pilaf, which is usually served in a pot-bellied glasses.

Baku everything is calm

Tourists will feel comfortable enoughthemselves in Azerbaijan, attitude to the guests the most cordial and helpful. Photographing allowed almost everything, but in the metro must obtain a permit. The country has a water quality control, so you can drink water straight from the tap, but still better to buy bottled.

Between East and West

Azerbaijan - a part of the Great Silk Road,link between Western and Eastern countries. Traveling across the country can see the beautiful mountain scenery, gorgeous valleys, fast flowing rivers and the Caspian Sea.

For other travelers interested in Azerbaijanfrom the point of view of archeology, you can see the unique monuments of ancient history. Some tourists come here to get acquainted with the local palaces, mosques, fortresses, a legacy of past rulers.

The capital, unmatched Baku delight "Baku Acropolis", which became a symbol of the city. This unique architectural reserve there are many monuments and attractions.

Azerbaijan shopping

Being in the capital of the country or small towns and villages, none of the visitors do not leave without gifts, souvenirs and surprises relatives. First of all, in the luggage of tourists leaving the country, you can find:

  • Beautiful rugs from local masters;
  • backgammon, which have become almost a national Azerbaijani game;
  • metal utensils from the local artisans.

Grocery souvenirs are also diverse. Skeet pilaf, of course, no one can take away as a souvenir. But the eggs, known as black gold of Azerbaijan, will be a good gift to relatives, as well as the famous Baku baklava. Women happy to be remembered delicious cuisine using herbs and spices.

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  • Tourism in Azerbaijan
  • Tourism in Azerbaijan
  • Tourism in Azerbaijan

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