Bahrain Resorts: photos, description

Bahrain Resorts

Bahrain Resorts

Garden of Eden Garden of Eden, as the Bible says, was locatedonce in these islands, and initially people lived here. The excellent climate and diverse natural world, eastern exotic and modern achievements of mankind - in a small Arab state past and present are intertwined closely, but very harmonious. Bahrain resorts can offer its guests a number of wonderful entertainment, a variety of interesting activities and excursions that even representatives of travel agencies of neighboring superpowers respectfully shake their heads - small but precious!

"For" or "Against"?

Direct flight to Manama capital of the kingdom ofMoscow is carried out several times a week the Bahraini airline, and flights with transfers possible via Dubai, Cairo, Doha and Istanbul. Net travel time is about five hours. Entry Visa for Russians is issued upon arrival at the airport.
Friendly moderation in all things - the mainBahrain feature. Although Muslim customs are quite democratic mores, but in public places it is important to comply with the dress code and caution in the use of alcohol.
The water in the Gulf which bathe the Kingdom,small enough off, but because sometimes warms up to 30 degrees. On hot summer days, take a refreshing dip in the sea does not work, but in the late autumn or early spring swimming season is longer, respectively, does not end before opened.

Beach activities

For fans of a beach holiday resorts in BahrainThey offer not only the traditional sun bathing and swimming, but also a great diving. The archipelago boasts almost intact coral reefs, which are home huge variety of marine life. Only fish in these waters meets not less than two hundred species, each of which is distinguished by its bright color.
Diving for Pearls and dive to the wreck - fun for experienced divers and beginners can give the first lessons by experienced instructors from diving centers.


Active and wealthy travelers Bahrain resorts offer solid entertainment:

  • The game of golf on one of the best fields of the Middle East, developed by renowned designer.
  • Horse riding Arabian thoroughbred horses.
  • Management Lessons from a yacht race and sailing in the Persian Gulf area.


  • Bahrain Resorts
  • Bahrain Resorts

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