Grodno Coat: photo, value. Description Grodno Emblem

Grodno Coat

Grodno Coat

Belarusian regional centers in approximatelythe same situation. Their history goes back more than one century, and even the official symbols of the main similarities are undeniable. For example, the coat of arms of Grodno, as well as the coat of arms of Gomel, has one main character - the animal. The only difference is that the Gomel have chosen for themselves the beauty of prey, lynx, and Grodno - slender deer. And then, and another animal is well known in the world heraldry.

Description Grodno symbol

Entries for the Stamp Matriculation Belarus officially confirmed this image of the regional center's official symbol. According to him, the city coat of arms has the following important elements:

  • deer image of St. Humbert;
  • gold cross between the horns of the animal;
  • white lattice fence.

Elements are located on the baroque shield of blue (azure) color. The same color is selected as the color of the flag of Grodno, and the coat of arms of the city is its integral part.

Steeped in history

Grodno received From Belarusian citiesMagdeburg Law was among the first, in 1444 - the full right (in 1391 - is incomplete), thanks to a privileged, which was given by Casimir IV Jagiellon, Grand Duke of Lithuania.

What images were present at that timeurban stamps, historians can not say yet. It is known that the appearance of the coat of arms of the city contributed to Queen Bona, wife of Sigismund I the Old. It was she who advised the magistrate to take a sample of the coat of arms of the city of Lublin. However, the official symbol of the Polish city portrayed a goat standing on its hind legs and reaching for a branch of grapes. This coat of arms of Lublin is still in effect, but the symbol of Hrodna is more noble.

The symbolic significance of the emblem elements

Each element has a heraldic symbolits meaning. Even the fence, because the etymology of the word refers to concepts such as "city" or "fence off" and in harmony with the old name of the regional center - Goroden, Garodnya.

In the context of hedge stamp composition - ita kind of image of the city itself. Deer on the fence symbolizes the fact that the city is under the patronage of St. Humbert. He is known primarily as the patron saint of hunters. Read in the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of Grodno, as immediately outside the city of Grodno forest lands began, her most famous in Belarus, Bialowieza Forest, hunting was one of the most important lessons for the townspeople.

From a religious point of view of a deer with golda cross between the horns - a symbol of the human soul, the desire for renewal and moral purity. In the mythology of many peoples this animal symbolizes the worship of natural forces.


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