How to fly from Minsk to Moscow? Time of flight Minsk - Moscow

How to fly from Minsk to Moscow?

How to fly from Minsk to Moscow?

In Minsk, you could visit Rakovsky andTrinity Suburb, the museum complex "Dudutki" and the national reserve Bialowieza Forest, at the Holy Spirit Cathedral, a walk in the park of culture and rest Chelyuskintsev and Victory Park, scuba diving at the "parallel world"? But the holiday is over and it's time to think about returning to their homeland.

How to fly from Minsk to Moscow on a direct flight?

Flight from Minsk to the Russian capitalIt takes approximately 1.5 hours (length - 670 km). If you are offered to fly with "Transaero", "Belavia" or "Aeroflot", your aviapoezdka will last 1 hour and 20 minutes, and if a "Utair", then exactly 1.5 hours.

If you are interested in buying the cheapest tickets in the direction of Minsk-Moscow, then they are implemented in March, November and April, and the cost is 3200-5400 rubles.

Flight Minsk-Moscow with change

Connecting Flights last from 4 to 15 hours andtransplant done in St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Vienna, Riga or other cities. Transplanting in Riga ( "Air Baltic"), get ready to spend on the road 5.5 hours in Stockholm ( "Belavia") - 8:00, St. Petersburg ( "STC Russia") - 4.5 hours in Stockholm and Riga ( "Belavia") - 10,5 hours, in Vienna ( "Austrian Airlines") - 11,5 hours, in Simferopol ( "Belavia") - 6,5 hours.

Select airline

From Minsk to Moscow, you will fly on aircraft(Airbus A 319, Boeing 737-500, Bombardier CRJ, Canadair Jet, Embraer 195, Boeing 737-800) one of the following airlines: "Belavia"; "Aeroflot"; "S7"; "Vueling"; "KLM".

Sign up for the flight Minsk-Moscow youoffered at the airport "Minsk" (MSQ) - it is removed from the central part of the city at 40 km. The local stores offers to buy cosmetics, alcohol and souvenirs, perfume and other products. While waiting for the departure you can visit the hairdresser or to stay in the VIP-hall, where you will find a bar, 2 lounges, dressing rooms, as well as be able to get online due to there existing Wi-Fi.

What to do in an airplane?

If you do not want to offend anyone, thenmany friends and relatives of people definitely need something to give as a memento of your trip to the capital of Belarus. A mission is a great opportunity to think over and decide who to give gifts in the form of articles of straw (toys, hats), hours, released at the "Ray", the original wooden spoons, boxes handmade figures of bison, linen products and articles vines, Slutsk belts, cosmetics Belarusian brand "Belita".


  • How to fly from Minsk to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Minsk to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Minsk to Moscow?

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