Minsk 2 days: where to go in Minsk

Minsk 2 days

Minsk 2 days

The capital of Belarus - is a cozy and clean town,where you can spend a wonderful weekend or a short vacation. Going to Minsk for 2 days, you can manage to see the fountains and churches, stroll along the shady parks and beautiful squares, enjoy the best dishes of national Belarusian cuisine and indulge in affordable shopping in malls.

The holy places

Fans of the old architecture may be slightlydisappointed: the capital of Belarus, was severely damaged during the last war, but because many old buildings were destroyed. Of the former splendor remained cathedral in Minsk, which was founded in the first half of the XVII century. Temple laid in honor of the Descent of the Holy Spirit and is the main cathedral in the capital today. His main shrine - the icon of the Mother of God, which was attained in 1500 and since then is considered to be miraculous.
Another particularly revered temple believers of Minsk -Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Built in the middle of the XIX century on the donations of citizens, the temple is famous for its relics. Under its vaults are stored miraculously mirotochaschy image of St. Nicholas and the relics of Mary Magdalene.

City fountains

Once in the summer Minsk, 2 days can bevisit and most of its fountains, the total number reaches sixty. The oldest and famous - "Boy with a swan." It was inaugurated in the 70s of the XIX century in honor of the launch of city water with artesian water. Boy Sculpture installed in Alexander Square, where Minsk residents like to walk with the children agree to date and meet up with friends on weekends.
There are fountains in Minsk and champions. For example, a fountain on October Square, where the Palace of the Republic, has more than 1,300 jets, and the height of the fountain on the street Filimonov reaches twenty meters. The square in front of the Minsk Palace of Sports is decorated with "singing fountains" and "Geese" near Komarovsky market often received the title of best of the fountain of the Belarusian capital.

1000 dishes for every taste

They say that so many different kinds of treatsBelarusians can be made from ordinary potatoes. See this in Minsk for 2 days is unlikely to succeed, but a couple of dozen dishes to try - a very real problem. Enjoy pancakes, dumplings, sorcerers, or a casserole of potatoes with meat, mushrooms and different sauces can be in any cafe or restaurant. The taste of the culinary delights of status submitted by institutions is not significantly affected.

Minsk, Belarus


  • Minsk 2 days
  • Minsk 2 days

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