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The most beautiful city in Belarus

The most beautiful city in Belarus

Belarus is one of the friendliest countries, whichalways open to the Russians. The debate about the correct name of the country, Belarus or Belarus, as active, as well as the transfer of its strengths and attractions. Low prices, many cathedrals, beautiful scenery, friendly people - all this and more fills Belarus.


Grodno City is located on the banks of the Neman River,It is the undisputed leader when listing the most beautiful cities of Belarus. A large number of architectural monuments, castles, many historical objects - fire tower, merchants house Kasovskih, monasteries, churches and more. Today the city of Grodno - is not only the administrative center of the Grodno region, which is an important point of intersection of transport routes, but also an important tourist destination.


Vitebsk is known to many as the city of festivals,one of the most beautiful cities in the 20th century. Today, he is gradually regaining its status. A cozy and peaceful town, which leads to the delight of all at a glance. Parks, clean streets and houses, theaters, festivals and much more await visitors here. The locals are very proud of their city, they are convinced that anyone who even passes by Vitebsk, definitely stay here, at least in part to explore the city.


Overview of the most beautiful cities in any country,including Belarus, have to include the capital, it's a kind heart of the country. Minsk is the largest city in Belarus, so here collected most of the attractions and entertainment in the country. It is best to start acquaintance with Minsk with the Upper Town, which is located on top of a hill. Ever since the 16th century, this part of the city attracted merchants and nobility.


Whatever the economic difficulties not experiencedBelarus, it always remains friendly and welcoming country. Many tourists visiting the capital in addition to try to get to Shults. That this city was able to keep the best of the country's history in a variety of attractions - Corpus Christi Church, Town Hall, triumphal arch, Nesvizh Castle, etc.
The four listed above the town - is only a smallpart of the beautiful cities of Belarus. This list is, of course, is to continue to identify and cities such as Gomel, Brest, Pinsk, Mogilev, Polotsk, Novogrudok, etc.

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  • The most beautiful city in Belarus
  • The most beautiful city in Belarus
  • The most beautiful city in Belarus

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