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Rent a car in Belarus

Rent a car in Belarus

To get to Minsk from the European part of Russiaconvenient train: just spent the night in a comfortable car, and you're on the platform in the Belarusian capital. What can we say about the inhabitants of Siberia, which is much cheaper to fly to Belarus by plane. But traveling on a rare quality better routes by car. After all, this young country, and even the Union republic still in Soviet times, as it is surprising, but differed on the conscience of constructed roads.

country Attractions

In Belarus, a lot of beautiful and interesting citiesattractions, including the legendary Brest Fortress, Bialowieza Forest incomparable, medieval castles, among which especially would like to mention the Mir, located in the outskirts of the capital. In Belarus, a place which is called Kossovo (not to be confused with the Yugoslav writing with one "s"), which also has an excellent architecture for the castle. To enjoy excellent provincial landscapes, can stop in the village Zhodishki, which is the oldest water mill museum. Moreover, they say that it is still in working condition.

And in the capital - Minsk - also have a lotattractions. The city was badly damaged by the war, so there is built mostly of post-war period, but they have so many flight engineering and architectural thought, that is just to travel on city streets and enjoy the sometimes overtly avant-garde style decisions of Belarusian architects. However, when victims of the Nazi bombing of the town restored the entire vast country. So we create a new image of the city and the Lithuanian and Latvian, and Ukrainian, and Russian specialists. And not only those who have arrived here from the neighboring republics of Belarus.

The procedure for rental

But back to our car rental in Belarus. In order to take it, you will need:

  • driver's license (can be Russian);
  • a voucher for the booked car;
  • international passport;
  • proof driving experience of 1 year;
  • Credit cards like MASTERCARD and VISA, and American Express.

Different companies offer different rentalrent terms. Some companies are indicated other restrictions on driving experience or age. Similarly, there may be restrictions on the run, and this can make it difficult for a tourist trip Belarus.

In large companies that you have a credit cardask necessarily. On it a certain amount as a guarantee will be blocked. Return it in 14-30 days after the end of the lease term.

The cost of rental cars in Belarus - 350 000 BYR. rub. per day.

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