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The ski resorts of Belarus

The ski resorts of Belarus

Despite the absence of grandiose mountainarrays, Belarus boasts high hills, steep slopes are well suited for those who like to shoot the breeze. Of course, interested in the pros and extreme its resorts are unlikely, but for beginners, intermediate skiers and is very confident snowboarders - there is every opportunity to spend time perfectly. So in recent years, the flow of Russian tourists who want to learn the ski resorts of Belarus became the full-flowing considerably.
Also remarkable equipped snow parks,nice price and universally understand the Russian language and its speakers citizens of Belarus can offer clean air, beautiful views and excellent food with a comfortable stay. The average price to rent ski or snowboard set in the resorts of Belarus makes $ 7 per hour. If you rent the equipment for 12 hours, the service cost will not exceed $ 25.

Resort Silichi

Opened in 2005, the center is Silichijust half an hour from the capital and is the most popular in the country. There are equipped with four very worthy track, length up to 900 meters. And one of them - for dosochnikov. The lift is a chair lift cable car and a small training beginners track delivers yoke.
A distinctive feature of small onEuropean standards resort - decent state lines, which helped to maintain the gun. In the evening, all the tracks are highlighted, allowing Minskers ride even on weekdays. Rental of ski equipment has excellent prices - very pleasant.
Dosochnikov can arrange skiing in the localsnowpark, which is equipped with a variety of jumps and figures. Halfpipe near worthy of all praise and appreciated even advanced boarders.
Stop in Silichi can be at a local hotel,which is very well equipped with the average prices for a double room to about $ 50 per day. Also at the resort, you can rent a two- or four-seater cabin.

The resort Logoisk

The first ski resort in the countryLogoysk is just 30 km from Minsk, and is therefore very popular among young people, and families with children. Meeting the most stringent European standards, Logoysk offers fans of active winter pastime five runs with a total length of just over 3.5 km, which are served by Quad cable car and ski lift.
Snow gun helps to maintain the slopesLogoysk quite decent coverage, and professional trainers of the local training center provide a ticket to the ski life beginners. For dosochnikov the resort, unfortunately, does not provide much entertainment, but they are willing to leave for the sake of the local snowboard attraction "Merry cheesecake", the meaning of which is riding a mountain on the big inflatable wheels.
Stop in Logoisk ski center can be in the hotel, as well as in individual houses, executed in the style of the Alpine chalet with Belarusian flavor and a pleasant price.

Yakut Mountain Resort

This ski center got its name nothonor of the northeastern Russian region, and the title Yakut village 40 km away from Minsk. It was here that a small area equipped with two runs for the descent on skis or board and one - for tubing.
Serves slopes rope tow andCubs - professional trainers from the local ski school. Equipment can be expensive to rent a, and in his spare time on the mountain - to shoot at a shooting range or to drive a snowmobile.

Resort Mozyr

This ski center - the most distant fromof the capital and is located 220 km from the main city of Belarus. The resort is spread out comfortably in a deep ravine ... as the city of Mozyr. Here, the very nature ordered to engage in skiing, as even in the streets of Mozyr height difference of up to 30 meters.
Ski lift gives fans of winteractive entertainment on only the local descent, whose height is only 35 meters. But not too experienced athletes feel Mozyr home. In addition, to help them - and teachers in the ski school, and equipment rental.
Extremists in the resort Mozyr do nothing,unless - a ride on a toboggan sledding. These sled without runners came to Belarus from the North American Indians themselves. Entertainment is as fascinating as it is dangerous, because the sharp turn, you can easily fly overboard.
Traditional entertainment Kurota guests include snowmobiling, tasting dishes of Belarusian cuisine and a walk through the territory of the largest river port in the country.

Photos of the ski resorts of Belarus

  • The ski resorts of Belarus
  • The ski resorts of Belarus
  • The ski resorts of Belarus
  • The ski resorts of Belarus

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