Rest in Belarus in July: prices and weather. Where to rest in Belarus in July

Rest in Belarus in July

Rest in Belarus in July

For many tourists while Belarus is still"Unexplored land", but the country has a sufficiently high potential for the development of services, many natural and historical monuments. Do not worry visitors who have chosen holiday in Belarus in July, about what to do, we are dreaming of an active pastime will not be any free seconds.

Mid Belarusian summer delight warm,sometimes hot weather and the almost complete absence of rain. Narochansky Reserve with its endless possibilities of ecotourism, beautiful Braslavsky lakes, visit major cultural festival in Vitebsk fill vacation vivid impressions.

Weather in July in Belarus

In this relatively small country locatedunder the influence of moderate continental climate, there are no sudden changes in temperature or other fast changing weather conditions. With the arrival of an anticyclone on the Belarusian land in dry, sunny weather will be ensured for a long time.

The average daily temperature, according to the meteorological data, +22 ° C, in the dark +12 ° C. Although there may be marked rather strong fluctuations in one direction or another.

Country lakes

Areas in the north of the country, evencalled the Belarusian Lakeland, the number of local water bodies are not taken to calculate one. Among them Naroch, Braslav and famous, and many of the smallest bodies of water, hidden in the most secluded places.

Naroch village, near whichIt housed the most beautiful lake, a seating area, not only Belarusians, but also many tourists from different countries. In addition to direct rest near the water, in the list of services to horse riding, a real man's amusement, such as fishing or hunting.

The nearby village Myadel attracts lovers of ancient history, as one can see many burial grounds, settlements, burial mounds in the area.

Major holidays and festivals

July pleases tourists two most grandioseevents. Firstly, on July 3, all Belarusians celebrate Independence Day, the scope of activities covered and the capital and regional centers, and even small towns. Military parades, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural projects to the services of local residents and numerous visitors.

Second, the cultural life in the middle of Julymoved to the north of Belarus, Vitebsk, where the "Slavic Bazaar". During the festival, you can visit the vocal competition of young and young performers, concerts at various venues in the city, exhibition projects, theater, city of craftsmen.

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  • Rest in Belarus in July
  • Rest in Belarus in July

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