Rest in Belarus in October: prices and weather. Where to rest in Belarus in October

Rest in Belarus in October

Rest in Belarus in October

In October, the days are getting cool in BelarusIt's cloudy. daytime temperature may be + 7 ... 12C, and the air is cooled at night to + 5C. On the second - third decade of fall days with fog, rain and sleet. Most often there is a moderate south-westerly wind, which speed is 3 m / sec. The average duration of daylight is six hours.

Holidays and festivals in Belarus in October

  • In October it decided to hold festivals, gatherings,the closing of the season of active tourism. In these festivals are held fans competitions particular sport. They can take part not only representatives of the clubs, but also everyone.
  • Grodno hosts the International festivalorgan music. Recitals spend musicians from Belarus and other countries, demonstrating their talent for the Organ. Everyone can discover new facets of music.
  • As of October accounts for international festivalArts "Belarusian Musical Autumn". Participants can demonstrate talent in the following genres: folk, jazz, pop music, choreographic art.
  • Fans of the theater in October can go toBelarus and visit the International Forum of theatrical art «TEART». The forum traditionally presents the best theatrical projects visited by representatives of different states.
  • As of October in Belarus accounted InternationalExhibition "Tourist Industry", which attracts professionals from around the world. Tourists can discover the current trends and new routes, buy tours at discounted prices. The exhibition will take place the presentation of new products for sports and tourism of special equipment, in the area of ​​insurance services. Without a doubt, the exhibition "Tourist Industry" is of interest both for professionals and for tourists.

Rest in Belarus, held in October, will be able to really please you!

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  • Rest in Belarus in October
  • Rest in Belarus in October

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