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Traditions Belarus

Traditions Belarus

Lifestyle Belarus prior to the adoption of Christianitybuilt on the natural calendar. People watching the phenomena of nature, worshiped deities who protected the land, water or forests, and marked the onset of the season, harvesting or early sowing. Over time, the tradition of Belarus have changed, but the worship of nature and the desire to live with her in complete peace and harmony, and today is fundamental for those who consider their home boundless Polesie.

Simple rules

Many traditions are familiar Belarus and Russianresidents, because our peoples have long been closely linked. To move to a new home, for example, the Belarusian let the first cat, so she drove evil spirits. Major pets Belarus citizen - goat and horse. They protect the house from evil spells and feed its inhabitants. Image of a horse and goat on the amulets, and today can be found in souvenir shops.
In the red corner of the house, decorated with embroideredtowels, could sit only head of the family. The remaining members of the household took their places beside him and waited for his father allowed to start the meal. The modern tradition of Belarus respect for the older member of the family, and the man is still pronounced, and with her father and her husband decided to consult in all matters.

Learning holidays

Almost every month the Belarusians say someHolidays related to changes in the calendar and in nature. Before you buy a tour to the neighboring country, it is possible to study the Belarusian tradition and choose a holiday in which want to take part:

  • Dozhinki symbolize the end of the grain harvest and the holiday is accompanied by folk festivals and beautiful procession with sheaves.
  • Kolyada mark the beginning of a new solar and agricultural year. During this festival made wonders dance zastolnichat and go on a visit to relatives and neighbors.
  • On Midsummer traditions prescribe Belarus lookfern flower in the forest at night and led dances around the fire. Bathing in the festive night, according to the beliefs of the Belarusians, removes sins and purifies the soul, and washing with morning dew gives health, vigor and rejuvenates.
  • Butter, cheese and ruddy pancakes - a sign of the ensuingPancake. Her mark in a big way, because according to tradition this week need to go out and have fun, to come into the house of success and prosperity. Maslenitsa celebration helped to buck up after hibernation and prepare for the meeting of a new spring.


  • Traditions Belarus
  • Traditions Belarus
  • Traditions Belarus

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