Belarus Trains. Tickets for the train to Belarus

Trains Belarus

Trains Belarus

In the transport system of Belarus' leading positionIt takes railway. Its length is about 5500 km. Most of the trains going to Russia in the port cities of the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea region states, as well as in Europe and Asia. Trains in Belarus are considered one of the most comfortable ways of movement of people. On the territory of the State operates 20 stations with excellent infrastructure.

Railroad Belarus

Inside the country, the rail network entanglesalmost all settlements. Passengers enjoy comfortable transport format. Within the city line used capital. By region are regional routes and between regional centers and Minsk are inter-line. With other countries in Belarus related to international routes.

The trains used the division into classes and Economybusiness. Belarusian train is much more comfortable buses. Direct flights connect the country from Russia, Poland, Lithuania and other countries. BelZhD includes in its membership 31 organization with legal personality. Belarusian Railway consists of 503 stations and over 570 stopping points.

How to buy a train ticket

You can buy tickets at the station at the box office,to order online or by phone. When ordering tickets online, passengers can count on his delivery, if it is in Mogilev, Gomel and Minsk. For orders from other cities of the electronic ticket is issued in the future in hand.

Train schedule in Belarus can be found atsites, and others. Travelers in trains provide free and paid services. Monopoly on the country's rail road is BR (Belarusian Railway). Buy a train ticket on the official website of the organization Tickets for the train in Belarus is cheap. Their value depends on the category of the car, class and route. From Gomel to Minsk can be reached in 2 hours, paying for a seat about 45 000 Belarusian rubles.

Using the online shopping system w / tickets,The passenger can find train schedules, ticket prices and availability. After selecting an option, you can book a ticket or buy, making payment by credit card. Train tickets are beginning to sell at least 45 days before the departure date. Ticketing ends an hour before train departure. If the passenger has an electronic ticket, landing is required as a passport. Passengers are offered tickets that allow you to make unlimited number of trips.


  • Trains Belarus
  • Trains Belarus

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