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Treatment in Belarus

Treatment in Belarus

Russian tourists are increasingly choosing toas a priority for health tourism neighboring Belarus. Arguments of treatment in Belarus are quite clear: tourists do not need a passport and a visa, it is not necessary to torture yourself learned a foreign language and a long fly, changing time zones. Cooking, the climate, the mentality of people and national traditions do not require getting used to and adapt, but because it turns out that the arguments against such there is no choice at all.

important rules

Before the trip would have to be issued in the districtpolyclinic sanatorium card. Doctors in Belarusian health resorts it is sure to be asked to the prescribed treatment to be as correct as possible. This requirement - not a mere formality, and therefore should treat him with due patience and understanding.

How to help here?

To go for treatment in Belarus can beyourself agreeing with the sanatorium on a dedicated website, or book a ticket to the travel agency. All resorts of the country are located in ecologically clean forest areas, so visitors are guaranteed not only medical treatment but also healthy air and scenic views.

Do not leave children at home, going ontreatment in Belarus. Local resorts are mainly equipped with all the infrastructure capacity for families. Younger patients are provided not only a special menu, but also cultural and recreational activities.

Methods and Achievements

The main method of treatment in Belarussanatoriums can be listed for a long time. Mud and paraffin baths, physiotherapy and laser procedures, salt cave, mineral irrigation and medicinal inhalation - all aimed at a comprehensive improvement of the body.

Each resort, however, offers a more narrow specialization:

  • Caves resorts Salihorsk - the perfect way to part with respiratory diseases.
  • Mineral water Zhdanovichy help to improve digestion.
  • In Lida treated joints and ligaments, helping to rehabilitate after injuries and orthopedic operations.
  • Mounds Doctors successfully save cancer patients.

Price issue

Adequate treatment cost in BelarusIt attracts local resorts more and more Europeans. Comfort and quality of the services you can get much cheaper than in Switzerland or Austria. The average daily number of Belarusian health resort with three meals a day and a course of treatment will cost no more than $ 30-50, and additional optional treatments may be purchased no more than $ 5. All prices for treatment in Belarus are available on the websites of resorts, so budget trip can be planned in advance with great precision.


  • Treatment in Belarus
  • Treatment in Belarus
  • Treatment in Belarus

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