The best restaurant in Bruges - photos, prices

The best restaurants in Bruges

The best restaurants in Bruges

The atmosphere in the quiet Bruges seemsthe same as it was in the Middle Ages. There are no skyscrapers, highways and trendy shopping centers. In this city, you can forget about the technology, the achievements of civilization and of constant anxiety for their "place in the sun." The solemn silence of ancient temples is wonderful to think about serious, during a bike ride to admire the views of the city, the best restaurants in Bruges surprise gourmet menu and quality Belgian beers. And if you remember also about chocolate ...

Pubs and Restaurants

Belgium and beer - inseparable concepts, itIt is known to all. The best in the world foamy drink is brewed only here, and its many varieties, that is not enough for life to try everything. Popular pubs Bruges: «De Garre»; «Cambrinus»; «T 'Brugs Beertjet»; «T 'Poatersgat».

Great beer brewed and served in a prettyrestaurant «2be». In warm weather, you can sit on the terrace, tasting foamy drink, and nearby there is the eponymous shop where you can buy anything like it, go home.

Tavern «Vissinghe». Ethnic cuisine in many variations, all very tasty and cheap. Three Michelin stars in «De Karmeliet» .Osnova almost all dishes - seafood, but there are a great Belgian cheese.

Good home restaurant «Lotus». It is little known to tourists, mostly local go here. Food inexpensive and natural.


Cozy and inexpensive cafe «Li O Lait» freewi-fi - pretty popular among local youth. But here, too, and tourists often visit. In addition to coffee and desserts, and snacks can be something more substantial. «Groot Vlaenderen» offers not only coffee, but also a variety of cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and gin. Breakfast is available at «Sorbetiere De Medici», and the restaurant «La Baguette» please delicious pasta, pizza and hot chocolate. Delicious ice cream, desserts, fresh beer and strong coffee, in general, all at once served in the «Meredian 3".

In the city an interesting place called «De Hobbit». It unique "Hobbit" interior, delicious food. Incidentally, the restaurant with very affordable prices, and the kids will love.

It is better to come with the whole family and a fewweeks at least. Walking, gorge, enjoying life and just relax. Beer lovers will be allocated per capita is a good Belgian beer and a chocolate paradise for children in Brugge.


  • The best restaurants in Bruges
  • The best restaurants in Bruges
  • The best restaurants in Bruges

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