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Education in Belgium

Education in Belgium

Belgium is not only a storehouse of architectural and historical monuments - it is also a country that is home to the oldest university.

Getting an education in Belgium has the following advantages:

  • Reasonable tuition fees (students pay social assistance, which allows you to pay 40-60% of the cost of training);
  • The possibility to go on an internship at the largest international organization's headquarters are located in Belgium;
  • The highest quality European education.

Higher education in Belgium

To enter do not need to take exams(Except for specialties related to medicine, pharmacology, bioengineering) - you need to provide a high school diploma and complete the necessary forms.

In addition, future applicants should be aware of not only Dutch, but also English, German, French, Latin - often lectures and educational materials published in these languages.

Important: to study at Belgian universities is quite difficult - 2 course, as a rule, passes only 30% of students (universities to weed out the lazy and uninterested students netrudolyubivyh).

Get higher education in Belgium can be at university and non-university basis.

The first stage of training (duration - 2year) allows you to get the candidate degree (Bachelor's), having studied for 2-3 years, the student can get a diploma Licentiate (Master). And to get a doctorate, you prouchitsya even 1 year and defend a thesis.

Getting an education on the basis of non-universityIt involves getting higher professional education. You can learn from the "short" course, at the end of which the graduate will receive a diploma of licentiate or "long" course (duration of studies - 5 years), after finishing that, the student will receive a diploma in engineering.

Highlights of training: "Short" course involves the acquisition of professional skills, and in the process of "long" course, students will learn not only professional but also academic knowledge.

Language classes

In the language course you can learn English, French, Dutch, Danish and German. Students here are preparing to study in the universities, and young professionals - to work.

Language courses offered to useintensive education, programs, combined with the study of tourism and culture in Belgium, as well as specialized professional programs (for example, top managers).

Working while studying

During the program, students have the right to earn no more than 20 hours a week.

Get a diploma of higher education in Belgium is to acquire a ticket to prestigious international companies.

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