Provinces of Belgium: photo card. Belgium

Province Belgium

Province Belgium

This small European country on a daily basisIt receives thousands of tourists who rush to see all the beauty of one European tour. But the Belgian province are worthy of a separate visit and thoughtful journey. The program of the tourist route must not only be familiar with the main brands of the country, among which the Belgian lace and chocolate sculpture of the most famous boy in the world.

In this country there are many small towns,noteworthy. Each of them has its own face, preserved the unique historical monuments, Gothic, soaring castles, ancient houses, resembling a delicious gingerbread. At the same time there is the highest service and quality service in hotels.

The picturesque Flanders

This region of Belgium - a kind of Mecca, in the first place for admirers of Jan Brueghel and Rubens. However, other Flanders Province at least meet the tourists warmly.

Many of the attractions are underUNESCO scrutiny. Town Hall of Leuven, Ghent has more than one hundred years of life. Many tourists find here the Venice - the legendary Bruges. On the coast of Flanders can also be excellent to relax.

City Museum

Such a definition can be given to Antwerp, where a large number of masterpieces of medieval architecture and art museums, showrooms and workshops.

In the city center located Steen castle. During his long life he changed a lot of owners, she is an archaeological museum and a prison. Now here again it contains unique artifacts and rare exhibits that relate to the maritime theme.

definitely worth a visit in Antwerp:

  • Rubens House and Museum to admire the true Flemish beauties;
  • Antwerp Zoo to please young tourists;
  • Open Air Museum Middelheym, it is possible to see the fruits of creativity of contemporary Belgian artists.
  • The magnificent Cathedral of Antwerp, which is stored in the walls of several paintings by Rubens.

The expositions of the National Maritime MuseumAntwerp can learn about the history of shipbuilding on these lands, famous captains and corsairs, and see the remains of many different models of ancient and modern ships. This museum is interesting to both adults and children.

Photos provinces of Belgium

  • Province Belgium
  • Province Belgium
  • Province Belgium

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