Resorts of Belgium: photos, description

Resorts of Belgium

Resorts of Belgium

Just three hours aboard comfortableairliner, and here it is - Belgium, the country of delicious chocolate, write without a twinge of conscience, a boy, and perfectly polished diamonds, which, as we know, have never ceased to like girls. The contingent of tourists choosing journey to Belgium among other options for vacation, is very diverse, but the attractions of fans, jewelry and sweet uncommon and exotic fans a little, according to generally accepted standards, beach holiday. In Belgium resorts tend to not only the residents but also the Russian tourists who want to breathe in deeply the salty breeze of the cold North Sea.

"For" or "Against"?

Arguments against a beach holiday in Belgium atI wish, you can find a lot, and chief among them will be a short season and not very pleasant temperature of the water for long baths. Indeed, even the height of summer coastal waves warm up to a maximum of 18, but nice refreshing wanting to swim a couple of hundred meters along the picturesque coast. The best time to travel to Belgium, resorts say July and August, and that is enough to plan your vacation.
The unquestionable advantages of summer vacation inBelgium applies a short direct flight from the Russian capital, reasonable prices for tickets, the opportunity to combine sunbathing with a rich excursion program and the proximity of other European countries that are worth visiting, the benefit of the Schengen visa already adorns tourist passport.

The kingdom of the North Sea

Despite its name cold, seaBelgium summer seems quite worthy for fans of swimming and diving. The main resort of Belgium, where vacationers are going - Ostend, offering not only the beaches, but also perfectly streamlined infrastructure.
In Ostend, you can soak in the pools with heatedseawater when waves suddenly seemed inhospitable to play at the races at the local racetrack or taste perfectly cooked seafood in a cozy restaurant.
For active and athletic, this Belgium SpaEntertainment prepared as windsurfing and racing yachts, and for the curious - some very interesting exhibitions of local museums. Who wishes to test yourself on luck bet at a local casino, and shopaholics are in shopping centers, not only diamonds, but also souvenirs of different properties.


  • Resorts of Belgium
  • Resorts of Belgium

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