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Tours in Brussels

Tours in Brussels

About the Belgian capital the averagetraveler does not know so little: it is the headquarters of the EU, sold delicious chocolate and diamonds are the perfect cut, and not far from the main square of pissing boy bronze, the prototype of which has saved once the city from fire. And tours to Brussels bought to admire historic buildings in the Grand Place, which have their own names, to wander through the park Mini-Europe, which are immortalized in 1:25 scale all the famous sights of the Old World, and the sigh of the eternal in the immortal paintings by Rubens and Brueghel in the Royal museum.

History and geography

A beautiful legend about the origin of the citytell all participants discover the framework of tours in Brussels. It was founded by the saint Gagerik, who conducted a relentless struggle against paganism in the VI century. The town's name is translated from staroniderlandskogo means "settlement in the swamp." The Middle Ages were marked by the flowering and the Belgian capital today, even given the honor to become the capital of Burgundy. It was then that there appeared settled jewelers and artists, who will become the great Flemings.

Briefly about the importance

  • Weather in the Belgian capital, formed a moderatelymarine climate, which is characterized by small fluctuations in daily and annual temperatures. Hotter all here in July, when the temperature can rise to 23 degrees, and in January is rarely colder 0. The most rainy months - November and December, but the snow during the tours to Brussels will be difficult to wait.
  • In the capital, is officially considered French and Dutch languages, but because pointers are made in two versions.
  • Taxis in Brussels apply a uniform tariffsystem, and the price of the fare does not depend on the name of the operator. Certified for the carriage of passengers cars have a glowing sign on the roof with a pattern of yellow iris. The color of the car - white or black.
  • Brussels International Airport receives daily flights from the Russian capital. The direct flight takes about 3.5 hours.

Brussels mod

The most popular symbol of the Belgian capital onFor many decades, it remains Manneken-Pis. The story of his appearance is shrouded in mystery, and even the most experienced guides will not allow participants to travel to Brussels, the exact answer to the question of who and when installed a bronze figure at the intersection of Oak Street and Banna.
Legend has it that in this way the boyextinguished the enemy ammunition during the war erupted at the city wall, and prevented the fire in the medieval town. Like it or not, of Brussels is no longer important, but little bully boasts a huge wardrobe, which, among eight odezhek there and form a national football team, and costumes of rock stars of world size.


  • Tours in Brussels
  • Tours in Brussels

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