Antwerp Zoo - photos, price, hours of work. How to get to the zoo in Antwerp

Zoo in Antwerp

Zoo in Antwerp

Zoo in Antwerp

One of the oldest in the world, the Antwerp Zoo wasOpened in 1843 in the center of the second largest city in Belgium. The main objective of the organizers created the park was considered "encouragement zoological and botanical sciences."
During its existence, the zoo wasin a variety of cultural, sporting and charitable campaigns. On its territory were symphony concerts, and even competing in the Olympic Games. After the Second World War, the park has received new pavilions and exhibition and is considered today one of the most advanced in terms of the organization of life of its residents.

ZOO Antwerpen

Zoo Name Antwerp is easy to find on any tourist map. Located in the heart of the city, it has long been a favorite holiday destination, and the Belgians and visitors alike.
All sections of the zoo and its affiliates can accommodate a total of 7,000 animals representing more than 950 species, and is one of the most numerous inhabitants of the list among such facilities in the world.

Pride and Achievements

Park employees share with the guests the unique statistics. In the regular diet of guests - 40 tonnes of fish, 50 tons of meat, 37 tons of apples, 130 tons of hay, and more than 4,000 liters of milk annually.
Every kind of animal is located in a specially adapted room where met the special modes such as temperature and humidity, and light conditions.
Among the most popular exhibits - the house penguinsand a theater with sea lions, reptiles and pavilion with Egyptian temple with giraffes and Asian elephants. By the way, the park is located a lot of architectural structures, recognized by historians as particularly valuable. In 1983, the zoo received the title of protected cultural objects.

How to get there?

The exact address of the Antwerp Zoo - Koningin Astridplein 20-26, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium.
To get to the train station of Antwerp is easiest by bus, tram or train. Walking from the station to the zoo gate takes a couple of minutes.
Park plan can be seen at the information stands and a map showing all the objects available in the ticket office.

Helpful information

Hours Antwerp Zoo for all guests -from 10.00 to 16.45. Owners of club membership cards are entitled to additional privileges - the entrance to the park an hour earlier and the opportunity to stay longer than other visitors.
Ticket Price in Belgian zoo depends, inter alia, on the age of the guest:

  • Kids up to three years, visit the park free of charge.
  • Price entry for a student visitor over 60 years, as well as a child from 3 to 17 years - 17.50 euros.
  • Price per adult - 22.50 EUR.

To qualify for exemption, have to show a valid photo identification.

Services and contacts

Details of the timetable and schedule of exciting activities online -

Phone +32 3224 89 10.

Photos Antwerp Zoo

  • Zoo in Antwerp
  • Zoo in Antwerp
  • Zoo in Antwerp

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