Airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina - a list of international airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Of the four airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina statusassigned three international, and popular among tourists usually capital. Get to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Moscow or St. Petersburg by regular flights directly until you get, but the options with connections to European capitals tourist is offered is not enough. The main choice is usually falls on the flights with "Lufthansa", "Turkish Airlines" or Austrians with transfer in Munich, Istanbul and Vienna, respectively. Travel time takes about 5 hours.

International airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Flights from other countries in Europe and the world are three air harbor of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Sarajevo Airport. Passenger information is available on the website -
  • Mostar in the south. Official website of the air harbor -
  • Tuzla to the east. Details of the airport and flight schedules - to

metropolitan area

International Airport of Bosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevo was opened in 1930 when the local airfield began landing planes, connecting different cities of the country. After all the events associated with the redistribution of political and war, in 1996, the beginning of the new aviation hub to serve passengers who wish to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2015 began large-scale reconstruction of the passenger terminal.
Sarajevo Airport receives and sends flightsAdria Airways to Ljubljana, Ausnrian Airlines to Vienna, Croatia Airlines to Zagreb, Lufthansa, Norwegian Air in Oslo and Stockholm, Swiss Internetional in Geneva and Zurich and Turkish Airlines to Istanbul. Charters fly here in the summer and during the Hajj from Medina.
The town and the passenger terminal is shared by only 6 km away, which can be overcome by public transport. Transfer possible and taxi services in the country which is not too expensive.

Spare airfields

Mostar Airport caters mainlypilgrims on their way to a nearby Medjugorje. It takes seasonal charters from Bari, Naples, Rome, Bergamo and Milan in Italy and Beirut in Lebanon. The plans - reconstruction and expansion of the airport and the modernization of its ground services. 5 km that separate one terminal of the airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the city, can be reached by taxi.
The city in which the Tuzla airport,It is known in Europe as one of the oldest settlements. Today it is a major industrial and cultural center of the country, and one settled on the airfield airlines became loukosterov Hungarian Wizz Air, whose side fly to Basel, Dortmund, Malmö, Stockholm, Eindhoven.


  • Airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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