The coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina: a photo, a value description

The coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Map of Europe in the twentieth century repeatedlyredrawn as a result of military operations and peace agreements. The end of the century was marked by the collapse of the Soviet Union and, consequently, the socialist bloc. There are new state, oriented to the West, this is reflected in their state symbols. One of them - the coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina with white stars, symbolizing Europe.

Simply and clearly

To date, the coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovinacan be considered one of the most reserved and laconic, in contrast to the name of the State relating to the longest and deployed on the planet. Three colors were chosen for the main official symbol of the country:

  • azure color, symbolizing the sky, sea, freedom and independence;
  • yellow (golden) - a symbol of the sun, wealth and prosperity;
  • white or according to the heraldic tradition, silver.

The main characters

Sam coat of arms is a shield, a large part of his sky-blue, the upper right corner holds a yellow triangle. On the azure field in a line along the triangle lined silver stars.

Three sides of the triangle - is symbolica reminder of the major population groups living in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bosnians, Serbs and Croats. And she figures geometric shape resembles the outline of a small state, located in the south-eastern part of Europe.

Complicated story

Areas that are now occupied Bosnia and Herzegovina, has long been a lure for powerful of this world, different rulers and neighboring economically powerful and politically powers.

In the history of this country have been ups and downs,periods of relative independence and subordination powerful empires. The first state that appeared on the present territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, scholars have dated the XII century. It was the Banate of Bosnia, which in the XIV century became a kingdom.

Later, Bosnia and Herzegovina and then, was a partin the kingdom fell under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, which in the XIX century was replaced by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Attempts to create a state has repeatedly been made in the twentieth century. But most had to be incorporated in other countries: Yugoslavia (1929-1941), Croatia (1941-1945), Yugoslavia again (until 1992). Spring 1992 will be remembered by local residents form their own state called the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


  • The coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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