Prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money is taken in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Compared with European countries, prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on average slightly below the eggs are $ 1.7 / 12 pieces, potatoes - 0.7 $ / 1 kg, and lunch in a cheap cafe will cost you $ 10-13..

Shopping and souvenirs

In Sarajevo, should visit the "Charshia" market andstroll along the main boulevard and the old town: on the numerous small streets you will come across boutiques, shops and souvenir shops where you can buy wooden articles, carved, copper utensils (plates, forks, cups), souvenir production with the image of local attractions, gold and silver jewelry.

For bargain purchase it is advisable to go to the resort town of Neum - here on goods intended for export from the country, the preferential legislation.

From Bosnia and Herzegovina should bring:

  • handmade carpets, copper utensils, silver ornaments, products from sheep's wool, military subjects souvenirs (casings from bullets and shells), branded shoes and clothing;
  • local wine ( "Gargash," "Zhilavka"), brandy, sweets (halva, flaky pastry with various fillings), olive oil, honey.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina you can buy olive oil - 4 euros, bologna sausage (mortadella) for 10 euro / 1 kg, decorative plates - from 5-6 euros, souvenirs of military subjects - for 10-300 euros.

Excursions and Entertainment

On tours of Sarajevo you will see the Church of St.Virgin, Saints Gabriel and Michael, the Old Synagogue (today it is located in the Jewish Museum), the Cathedral, the mosque "Tsareva-Jamia", an old caravanserai of the 15th century. As part of the tour you walk along the "Avenue of snipers" and the tunnel (in this way the Civil War was the way to salvation, and through it to the besieged town brought food). On average, this tour is 65-70 euros.

In Mostar tour you walk throughthe famous Old Bridge and the Boulevard of the revolution, inspect the mosque, visit the Muslibegovitsa House and the Historical Museum. During this tour you pay 45-50 euros.


Public transport in the country is representedtrams, buses and trolleybuses: the average 1 trip costs 0.6 euros (day ticket giving right of way to all public transport, worth 2.5 euros). The country has a well-developed international bus service. For example, from Sarajevo to Mostar can be reached within 7 euros.

Getting around the city can be rented oncar - cost of the service will depend on the region in which the rental and car brands (prices start from 30 euros per night). Important: do not be late with the return of the rented car, otherwise you will be asked to pay for all of the following day.

On vacation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will need about 55-70 euros per night for 1 person.


  • Prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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