Airports in Bulgaria - Bulgaria's list of international airports

Airports in Bulgaria

Airports in Bulgaria

In total, about three hours by plane from Moscow or St. Petersburg, and Russian tourists are in one of Bulgarian airports, where close to the sun, the sea and the famous beaches of the friendly country.

International airports in Bulgaria

Of the eight airports of Bulgaria status of "international" in addition to the capital mentioned four air harbor, of which the most popular among tourists are considered to be:

  • Bourgas Airport. The second largest in the country and a major in the region, it combines the direction of the southern resorts. The city where the airport is located, is visited annually by thousands of tourists who prefer a beach holiday on the Black Sea Bulgarian Riviera. Bourgas Airport Center and divides the distance of 10 km, and passenger transfer is done by taxi or buses that stop near the exit from the terminal. The journey time is less than an hour. Among Russian airlines serving passengers in this direction - "Yamal", "UTair", "Saratov airlines", "Severstal", "Nordavia", "Icarus" and "Metrodzhet". Details, information about departures and online scoreboard available on the website -
  • In Bulgaria, the airport in Varna make regularflights of S7, Bulgaria Air, Austrian Airlines. Seasonal flights are available from the "Ural Airlines", "Russia", Moldovan, Latvian and some other European air carriers. Charters in the summer perform dozens of budget airlines, including Russian travelers are available direct flights from Krasnodar, Surgut, Saratov, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Belgorod and Moscow. The bus in the center of Varna, stops at the exit of the second terminal, and Golden Sands can be reached by bus route N409. Airport Website -

metropolitan area

The main airport in Bulgaria is located 5 kmeast from Sofia, and two of its terminal annually serve up to 4 million. man. In the first take and send charters, while the second - a new and modern - passengers awaiting departure of scheduled flights of almost all airlines of the Old World. Also popular European carriers at the airport in Sofia, Bulgaria Turkish land side, Dubai, Qatar and Israeli airlines.
Guests and visitors of the airport shopsduty-free shopping and restaurants of European and national cuisine, banks and exchange offices, car rentals and mail, and for persons with disabilities in the terminals provided for elevators and escalators.
Transfer from the airport to the capital of the easiestimplement the metro station which is located next to the terminal 2. The buses NN 84 and 384 with easy access to Sofia University and the metro station Tsar grad highway.
Between the first and second terminals every 30 minutes free shuttle shuttles, and more information about the schedule and the services offered is available on the website -


  • Airports in Bulgaria
  • Airports in Bulgaria
  • Airports in Bulgaria

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