Tours to Sofia (Bulgaria). Rest in Sofia: photo, trips

Tours to Sofia

Tours to Sofia

"The chicken - not a bird, Bulgaria - not abroad"once joked Soviet people, disguising this phrase unremitting thirst for travel and envy those who can relax on the beaches of Burgas and Varna. But the capital of Bulgaria enjoyed less success, although it is concentrated here a constellation of historical and architectural attractions, giving it a solid status of the city with significant cultural heritage. Going on tour in Sofia, will have to stock up on comfortable shoes and capacious memory card for the camera, because the walk and have to shoot a lot.

History and geography

City appeared in the I century AD and wornthen the name of Serdica called angry tribe who founded their settlements. Since then Sofia came under Turkish domination and again became Orthodox, while in 1879 it did not "appointed" the capital of the independent Bulgarian state.
Sofia Located at the northern slope of the mountainmassif Vitosha, and its natural attractions have long served as a source of mineral water cures a lot of ailments. By the way, in the Bulgarian capital, there is a complex of fountains of which has a useful drinking water.

Briefly about the importance

  • Climate Sofia continental, but quite wet. In winter, there are real cold and snow, and the temperature is even in the daytime in the redistribution of minus marks. In the summer of persons in Sofia enjoying the warmth and sun, rain likely, but it does not last, and the temperature can reach +30.
  • Tour starts in Sofia usually internationallyairport of the Bulgarian capital, which fly direct flights from Moscow. Flight time is about three hours. Both capital and railroad ties, which overcomes the composition a little more than two days.
  • Getting around Sofia convenient metro orbuses. Fans of good old tram like routes that pass through the historical part of the city. This trip is fully capable to replace a full-fledged tour.
  • It is in the center of the participants of the tour is in Sofiasearch hotel, out of which it will be convenient to get to the museums and monuments. Even the hostels in the capital of Bulgaria is very comfortable and welcome at all times of the Balkan nation was perfect and flawless.
  • Being on tour in Sofia during any holiday, you can become a member of the indispensable festivals and fairs, which are on the agenda - tasting of local specialties.

Sofia City


  • Tours to Sofia
  • Tours to Sofia

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