Beaches Varna: photos, videos. The best sandy beaches in Varna (Bulgaria)

Beaches in Varna

Beaches in Varna

Varna metropolitan area occupies most of thethe coastline of the Black Sea in Bulgaria - a country of wonderful sandy beaches. Varna beaches await holidaymakers from the end of May and October inclusive. So you should tell us what are the best sandy beaches of Varna.

South beach

It is in fact just a part of the main beachVarna. Here, clear water, lovely clean sand, but because a lot of tourists. Industrial landscape here is not in sight, except from afar visible gantries. But it is also exotic. It has everything: a cafe, changing rooms, water slides, children's playgrounds and volleyball, and what is sometimes overlooked - bins for garbage collection. Umbrellas and sun loungers - paid. Many cafes have their own lounge-area and sunbeds. This beach is very wide, up to 90 meters, its length is about 500 meters. Next - Swimming sports center with swimming pools, SPA-center, as well as a sauna and a steam bath.

Central beach

It is the main city beach. It has impressive size, replete with cafes and nightclubs, not to mention the clear sea and fine sand. Immediately begins Seaside Park. By the way, a very successful combination: the beach and greenery, under which in the midst of the heat, you can find cool. The beach has all the necessary facilities: changing rooms, sun beds and umbrellas rentals, showers, shops, cafes and playgrounds.

Officers beach

It is extremely popular in Varna. It is conveniently accessible by car. In addition, spacious and there is no crowding. The water is clear and clean. Organized by sun loungers and parasol hire. There are children's rides. Many are involved catamaran rental. Always operate the rescue posts, there are showers and changing rooms. But the main local attraction - with curative hydrogen sulphide water pool. It is located right by the sea. Tellingly, the Officers' beach is divided into two autonomous zones stone ridge.

Beach Bunite

Bunite relates to the beaches of the European level. It is spacious, in addition to it there are both free free zone and vip-zone. Here, a standard deck chair and umbrella rentals more expensive than at other beaches. But equipped with beautiful grounds beach volleyball. There are exciting water attractions. This is a "tablet", "banana", "glider", jet skis. At the same time people are not as many as in the center of Varna.

Beach Bunite-2

Already on the outskirts of Varna beach is Bunite-2, it is located in the area Saltanat. He goes on a series of user-friendly beaches of the city. It provides:

  1. Life post;
  2. Rental of umbrellas and sun beds;
  3. Golf in beach volleyball.

Showers and changing rooms, alas, not enough. The beach is quite extended, however, most of it rocky. On the outskirts of the ridge there are two sand stone "islands", and on them that are placed and vacationers. The people here are much smaller than in the central part of the city.

Photos Varna beaches

  • Beaches in Varna
  • Beaches in Varna
  • Beaches in Varna
  • Beaches in Varna
  • Beaches in Varna

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