Areas of Varna - the name, description, photos of Varna district, where tourists stay

Varna Region

Varna Region

On the map of the Bulgarian city of Varna, you can see five areas, and then is to get acquainted with each of them separately.

Names and brief description of the areas

  • Primorsky District: part of this area is the neighborhoods "The Seagull" (the beaches quarter demand by vacationers due to the possibility to take part in competitions in beach volleyball) and "Vinitsa" (here is to look for a holiday on May 2, in honor of which is set fair and the venue for concerts).
  • Asparuhovo Neighborhood: recreational approach "Asparuhov Park" (the park is equipped with drinking fountains, basketball and volleyball fields, playgrounds with simulators and ammunition; the alleys of the park is pleasant to walk in the afternoon and evening, when his territory is illuminated by beautiful illumination) and the beach with the developed infrastructure ( free parking, a surf center, cafe, field for mini-football and volleyball).
  • Odessos District: shopaholic is "occupy" the quarter "City Market" - in addition to the Co-operative market then they will meet shops, where you can get clothes, toys, shoes, jewelry.
  • Vladislav Varnenchik District: its territory is of interest is a park-museum Vladislav Varnenchik (despite the fact that there erected a mausoleum to Vladislav III Jagiello with the stone sarcophagus of the king's body was never buried), where guests are able to visit the Historical Museum with a collection of knight's armor, banners , engravings, sculptures and other works of art.
  • Mladost: please travelers "Kaufland", "Praktiker" and other shops, as well as sports and entertainment complex "Mladost" (there are fields for games, including a golf course, a playground, an outdoor ice skating rink, an amphitheater, a climbing wall, skate -a park).

Varna Attractions

Guests of Varna, inspect the Assumption Cathedral(Examination to be stained glass, frescoes, icons, Entrance - free, but for photographing interiors will have to pay 5 lev.) And the Church of St. Athanasius (here will be able to enjoy the unique carved iconostasis and icons of 18-19 centuries), to visit the seaside park (the park , 8 km long, settled down the alley, monuments to famous personalities, an aquarium, a zoo and a dolphinarium), the Museum of Varna history (on display many artifacts relating to the early 20th century - well, here you can see the interiors of handicraft shops, and looked like the local beaches in 20 -x, respectively) and the Ethnographic Museum (here a collection that reflects the characteristics of the Bulgarian village life of 19-20 centuries - stand crafts and ritual accessories among the exhibits).

Where to stay tourists

In the area of ​​Odessos travelers should pay attention to the quarter are "buried": the advantages - quiet and peaceful place + 10 minutes walk to the city center.

For a comfortable stay travelerssuitable area Asparuhovo: he is in demand due to existing beaches, inexpensive shopping and dining, opening here panoramic views of the sea and the city.

Photos Varna districts

  • Varna Region
  • Varna Region
  • Varna Region

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